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Switchfast Technologies
Switchfast Technologies is now part of Ascend Technologies.
Switchfast Technologies is a leading IT Managed Security and Services Provider (MSSP & MSP) serving America’s successful SMBs. Switchfast’s clients understand that a true IT partner goes beyond the break/fix model and provides long-term solutions to business challenges and goals. Switchfast ensures investment in information technology provides the maximum ROI to its stakeholders through IT roadmapping, planning and strategy. With one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry and the data, referrals and accolades to prove it, Switchfast Technologies builds lasting and trusted relationships.

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Switchfast balances fastidious and reliable support with rapid response times. When faced with a reported issue, they quickly solve problems in real time over the phone. The team offers an individually tailored and attentive level of service that many larger vendors could not provide.

Sandy Ball
Royal Imperial

Switchfast's support has significantly improved internal productivity, decreasing downtime and increasing response rates in the process. Responsive, receptive to client feedback, and proactive in their approach, working with their team continues to be a great experience overall.

Amelia Bandanza
Oak Street Real Estate Capital

They’ve done an excellent and very professional job on all of the projects that they’ve helped us do. When we switched provider hosting systems for our email, they fully managed and completed that project and did it very well. The server project was also handled fluidly and seamlessly and without any major problems. With the firewall issue we were having, they helped us to figure that out when the other parties that we were working with couldn’t. That was terrific. We’ve been very pleased and satisfied with the quality of their work.

Susan Klempt
Artistry Limited

Switchfast Technologies' team is well-trained at listening, responding, being cordial, and helping the customer understand the technical nature of the proposed solutions as well as the business aspects.

Heather Sattler, Executive Director
St Joseph Services

They could probably overcharge me if they wanted to, given that they’ve made my life that much better. It comes down to trust and they have mine. They’re responsible, responsive, they know what the process is and communicate it to me, and they’re able to manage our IT services properly.
I’ve talked to quite a few of their employees and have also gone to one of their events to get to know them better. Their culture is top-notch; I wish ours was as great. All the team members want to be there and they want to be helpful. They have clear-cut core values and they live by them.

Bill Lichtfuss
Illinois Window Shade

The thing about Switchfast I appreciate the most is that they’re more like a business partner to us than a third party vendor. I really felt like they took ownership, and they were extremely responsive.
There was a personal aspect to the relationship, and most of the time when we called, we spoke with someone we knew. We weren’t getting routed to a call center.

Todd Smith
Lakeside Energy

We've been around since 2008 and Switchfast has been our technology partner from the beginning. They architected all of our infrastructure and developed all the upgrades and enhancements over the years. Currently, they manage everything: desktop support, helpdesk, our server infrastructure, and all of our network communication –internal and external. In addition, they answer our clients' questions and handle our structured security controls, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
Just recently they managed a project on migration for us: we were hosting all of our servers in-house (our data center was located in our headquarters, in downtown Chicago). We needed to move everything to external data center and they helped us with colocation. They also managed the moves of some office space in Chicago and build-outs of new offices in Indianapolis, California, and Nanjing, China (this was done remotely).
Over the years, they've responded to about 110,000 IT service tickets, managed about 700 workstations and 130 end servers as well as two storage area networks. They've installed an agent on all of our equipment so that they can manage and monitor everything, which also helps with inventory and asset tracking.
We've had a consistent and stable team for years, even though we're not their only client. They have a good understanding of what we do and our technology requirements, so we view them as a partner more than a vendor.

John Mautz
Cortland Capital Market Services

Switchfast Technologies has been proactive in understanding each segment of our upgrades and services. They know what is happening on a monthly basis. At the same time, we also understand exactly what they are doing and why. Everything is spelled out in our agreement and followed to a tee. We've also been pleased that they addressed issues that were outside of the original agreement. For example, they assisted us with an out-of-scope hardware issue. Switchfast Technologies got us back online using their contacts and resources.
Out of all our IT providers, Switchfast Technologies is the most proactive in handling the technologies we utilize. They solve problems immediately and their service is better than anything we've had before.

Alex Gianaris
Transformer Manufacturers Inc.

What I appreciate the most about Switchfast is the fact that they provide us with a budget outlook report once a quarter to project what we are likely to spend on both their services and any ancillary costs related to our overall IT needs. That is incredibly helpful for our internal planning. We were impressed with their office’s structure and how they had teams set up to service every client, rather than assigning whole contracts to a single person. This allows us to work predominantly with the same group of people on an ongoing basis. Siphoning everything through the virtual CIO position allows them to work using a proactive strategic approach, rather than being simply reactive. We appreciate their quality of service objectives and the way that they measure what their clients think of them.

Tim Feldballe
Development Management Associates

Switchfast provide a wealth of IT experience that can’t be replicated by hiring one full-time employee. Switchfast is a great option for small and growing businesses because the customer can scale to their growth. That’s more cost-effective than hiring staff right away, and probably with limited or tailored IT experience. Furthermore, they bring a level of world-class IT sophistication and experience to young businesses that would be hard to replicate for the cost.

Jim Keller
Gibson Consulting Group

I work at Polk Bros. Foundation, an organization that partners with nonprofits to help build strong communities and families, family support, increase access to quality education and the arts, and improve health. We had a vendor that helped us with various IT issues related to customer service, but we needed more comprehensive IT support, so we started looking for a new company.

They [Switchfast] provide day-to-day and long-term IT support, such as Wi-Fi, server replacements, and network security. They also keep us informed of various upcoming technologies that we could use in our office. We've worked with them for four years and they've responded to about 170 support requests and 270 IT tickets during that time. Currently, they're supporting 18 workstations and three servers in one location.
As we were transferring from our old IT provider to Switchfast, we were also looking to update our fleet. They implemented that update quickly and with very little interruption to our workflow. We work with an account manager and their CIO. In addition, one of their engineers comes on site once a month. We were referred to Switchfast. We also talked to some other foundations and nonprofit groups. It was a two-way interview: Switchfast was interviewing us as much as we were interviewing them. Also, we were impressed with their website, where they have videos of their company's culture, and we liked their budget-mapping skills. We started working with them in May 2015 and the relationship is ongoing. They've established a very smooth process. The approval rate for their work has been 99.1% over the course of our partnership. We're very pleased with them. They have a ticketing service, but we can also call them if we need them. Someone usually gets back to us within an hour or two to let us know they got the ticket and are working on it. We appreciate their customer service. Everyone has been very friendly, responsive, and responsible. They're very proactive and took an active part in the interview process to make sure we were a good fit for them.

Sean Higgins
Polk Brothers Foundation

I’m the Founder & CEO of Healy Consulting & Communications Inc. We’re an independent marketing consultancy. I needed an outsourced IT consultant to help with web hosting, as well as email and backup management. Being marketing & PR professionals, IT issues are typically lost on us, and because we're a client-driven business, we can’t afford to lose access to the web and email tools. Therefore, I wanted a reliable, responsive, cost-effective, and honest firm that would work hard whether I had a PC problem or a network-wide situation.
They’re always very nice and service oriented, as well as honest. If they can’t get to a problem right away, they always give you a time frame so that you can adjust your own expectations accordingly. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and always committed to their clients' success.
Over the 10 years I’ve worked with Switchfast, my companies have been both large and small. Regardless of our size, we’ve always received the very best service in a timely fashion. Whether large or small, the same great service is available to all, which is highly impressive.

John Healy
Healy Consulting & Communications Inc.

Being a business owner, I want to get good value. With other vendors, we always got the sense of being nickel-and-dimed … Switchfast is not only flexible but provides budget stability.

Geoff Winthrop, Executive VP

In all my professional career, I have never dealt with a company that I have enjoyed working with more than I do with Switchfast.

James Erwin
Erwin Law, LLC

Switchfast is not only dependable, not only are they capable, but they are professional and consistent. And the consistency to me is everything. They do it right. Every time.

Ira Katz, CEO
Commercial Insurance Services

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