At MIBAR.net, we’ve searched high and low to identify the best business technologies on the market, and we’ve spent over 26 years perfecting how to implement, customize and maintain those systems within growing and mid-sized businesses. Our IT services automate business processes, while providing enhanced data visibility to empower decision-making. And since our solutions are backed by cutting-edge cloud technologies and a proven implementation process, we ensure that a partnership with MIBAR.net leads to long-term growth and profitability. In fact, some of our clients have achieved 30% increase in operational efficiency, 25% increase in net income, and saved over $90,000 annually.

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Dexmet Corporation

How Did MIBAR reconfigure email management to minimize storage issues and save costs?

JFK International Airport

MIBAR Delivers Smarter, Faster Billing Process for Airport Terminal

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MIBAR really went through a great deal of time in trying to understand what we were trying to achieve. What our processes were. And if GP was able to fix the issues we had. And once we saw that GP was a good fit, there was a lot of upfront effort to understand the what and the why before the cost.
MIBAR is in touch with reality. We’re a grassroots type of business with specific needs in managing our system and there’s an understanding and an ability to relate there, especially with Jory. And with Bart, he definitely understood our vision and was enthused and motivated to help us. It was very reassuring to have the principal in the process from the get go. And that’s what gave us the comfort to go down this path. Bart’s not just looking to line his pockets-he has always looked out for our best interest.

Erwin Metius, CEO

MIBAR has been our IT partner for over two decades now. Recently MIBAR succeeded in updating us from using outdated proprietary software into Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and CRM. They helped reduce our overall IT expenditure with innovative solutions like migrating our mail from our own server onto Exchange in the cloud.

Tod Greenfield, President
Martin Greenfield Clothiers

Beyond MIBAR’s professionalism, deep knowledge of our industry, and undeniable technical knowhow, what really stood out about MIBAR both during and beyond the implementation phase of our project were their people skills and situational fluency – their ability to understand the dynamics of our business and therefore, work with us in a way that made sense for us and put us in the best position to succeed.
As a successful 3rd generation, family owned business that had gotten by for so many years doing everything by hand, the idea of moving to a computerized billing system caused a lot of anxiety – yet as we continued to expand our business, it became readily apparent that if we we’re going to maintain this growth, we would need the assistance of software. And MIBAR understood this – they understood how big a leap we were taking. So they led us, worked at a pace that made us feel comfortable, and continually made us believe that it was going to work. Following two years of incredible growth, I can say with confidence that this project was definitely a success – and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible team at MIBAR.

Joseph Ajello, VP
Pastosa Ravioli

From the beginning, MIBAR.net has been an excellent partner in getting our Dynamics GP system not only functional, but tailored specifically to our operations. Their depth of knowledge and their willingness to scale their services to fit our needs is why we will continue to use them for all of our business system requirements.

Steve Nash, CFO

We wanted a solution that was flexible enough to not only adapt to our current business, but one that could continue to adapt with us as we grow. We also wanted a solution that was scalable so we would not have to worry about outgrowing our new ERP system too soon. Most importantly, we wanted a partner that understood our specific business needs, and could help us implement and leverage our new investment effectively and efficiently. We found this and more in the Microsoft / MIBAR.net partnership.
In working with MIBAR.net to research the Dynamics solution, their specific knowledge, pride in their reputation, and obvious commitment to excellence was enough to convince us that MIBAR.net and Dynamics GP was the right choice for our business.

George Kozlowski, VP
Textile Creations

As the world’s largest independent marketer of parent rolls of tissue, towel and napkin, Trebor, Inc. provides its clients with superior professionalism in our field. For nearly 20 years Trebor, Inc. has relied on that same professionalism from MIBAR.net for computer systems and technical support. With unique business requirements MIBAR has been pivotal in accomplishing excellent technological growth for us in our industry.

William Dughi, Systems Administrator
Trebor, Inc

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