A deep dive into endpoint detection response

As the cyber threat world evolves, so must our understanding of the tools that safeguard our digital assets. In this blog, we’ll navigate through the landscape of Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), exploring its definition, key functionalities, and the best timings for organisations to invest in EDR. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) At its core, EDR[…] Read

Published by Courtney Grice, Cybaverse

Why your blue team are your last line of defence

One of the hardest things to communicate to clients sometimes is that an AV (Anti-Virus) or EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) is not a silver bullet, it is only part of the defensive solution. Try as we might to explain that it will always be possible to bypass, sometimes it is just easier to demonstrate[…] Read

Published by Ian Lyte, Cybaverse

ISO 27001 – What Do You Need To Know?

When it comes to obtaining the ISO 27001 certification, it’s easy to assume that it’s a costly and complex standard primarily tailored for large corporations or those operating in heavily regulated sectors. However, these preconceptions are far from the truth and could potentially hinder you from grasping the advantages that ISO 27001 certification can offer[…] Read

Published by Oliver Spence, Cybaverse

IAM: Best Practices on Microsoft 365

In the era of remote work and digital collaboration, Microsoft 365 has emerged as a powerhouse suite of tools for organizations. As you harness the capabilities of Microsoft 365 to empower your workforce, it’s essential to prioritize robust identity management. This blog post will guide you through the best practices to ensure effective identity management[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

Why Cyber Security Compliance Doesn’t Belong In The IT Department’s Hands

What if you discovered that all of the hard work, investments and time you’ve put into growing your business is at risk due to a failure of your outsourced IT company, or possibly even your well-meaning (but overburdened) IT department? If you were exposed to that level of risk, wouldn’t you want someone to tell[…] Read

Published by Kayvan Yazdi, TruAdvantage

6 Reasons Why Access Management Is a Critical Part of Cybersecurity

In today’s interconnected digital world, the landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. With each technological advancement, a new avenue for potential threats and breaches emerges. As organizations embrace digital transformation, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes more pressing than ever before. Amidst this complex environment, access management has risen as a formidable guardian of[…] Read

Published by Jessica Calig, AffinityMSP

7 common Cloud Configuration mistakes to avoid & how to remediate these

When it comes to online security, the cloud has emerged as one of the main backbones of modern business operations. Its scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency have made it an indispensable asset for organisations of all sizes. However, while the cloud offers numerous advantages, it also presents a myriad of security challenges, particularly when it comes[…] Read

Published by Kieran Oates, Cybaverse

5 SaaS security best practices to keep your Web Apps

Picture a world where you no longer need to buy, install, or maintain software on your computer. Instead, you can access powerful applications instantly, from anywhere with an internet connection.   Welcome to the world of Software as a Service, or SaaS. We’re going to explore the benefits of SaaS and how it has revolutionised[…] Read

Published by Courtney Grice, Cybaverse

The Hole In Your Cyber-Insurance Policy That Could Result In Your Claim Being Denied

You’ve all heard the stats – small businesses are the #1 target for cybercriminals because they’re easy targets, with a recent article in Security Magazine reporting that nearly two-thirds (63%) of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack and 58% an actual breach. But what many still don’t understand (or simply don’t appreciate) is how much a cyber-attack[…] Read

Published by Kayvan Yazdi, TruAdvantage

How MSPs Can Provide a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

When a company fails victim to a ransomware attack and call on their managed service provider, they expect a solution that will quickly restore order to their business. However, not all MSPs are ready to step up and provide a calming response. MSPs should play a crucial role in ensuring affordable disaster recovery solutions for[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango