Empowering Your Business: The Touch of Managed IT Services

In today’s advancing technological landscape, businesses of all sizes face the challenge of keeping up with the ever-changing IT requirements. As organizations become increasingly dependent on technology, the need for efficient and secure IT management has never been more crucial. This is where Managed IT Services play an important role, offering a complete solution to[…] Read

Published by Ryan Van Laeys, Rivell LLC

Navigating the Future: Your Guide to Engaging with AI

Artificial Intelligence, with its endless possibilities, is indeed a marvel. As we immerse ourselves in its wonders, it’s essential to stay mindful of the responsibilities that come with this power. In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, specifically AI, the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASD’s ACSC) has just dropped an anchor – a new publication[…] Read

Published by Jessica Calig, AffinityMSP

Why your blue team are your last line of defence

One of the hardest things to communicate to clients sometimes is that an AV (Anti-Virus) or EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) is not a silver bullet, it is only part of the defensive solution. Try as we might to explain that it will always be possible to bypass, sometimes it is just easier to demonstrate[…] Read

Published by Ian Lyte, Cybaverse

Must-Attend Events in Early 2024

As we step into the promising realms of 2024, the world of technology is gearing up for two groundbreaking events that are set to redefine the landscape of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and cloud computing. The MSP Expo and Cloud Expo Europe, both scheduled for the beginning of the year, promise to be epicenters of[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

Why Cyber Security Compliance Doesn’t Belong In The IT Department’s Hands

What if you discovered that all of the hard work, investments and time you’ve put into growing your business is at risk due to a failure of your outsourced IT company, or possibly even your well-meaning (but overburdened) IT department? If you were exposed to that level of risk, wouldn’t you want someone to tell[…] Read

Published by Kayvan Yazdi, TruAdvantage

5 SaaS security best practices to keep your Web Apps

Picture a world where you no longer need to buy, install, or maintain software on your computer. Instead, you can access powerful applications instantly, from anywhere with an internet connection.   Welcome to the world of Software as a Service, or SaaS. We’re going to explore the benefits of SaaS and how it has revolutionised[…] Read

Published by Courtney Grice, Cybaverse

Top Tech Conferences for MSPs to attend in 2023

As a Managed Service Provider, staying informed about the latest developments in the technology industry is crucial to the success of your business. One way to do this is by attending tech conferences. In this post, we will recommend the top tech conferences that we believe will be the most interesting events for MSPs in[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

The quest to get rid of passwords

With average total cost of a data breach continuing its way up year over year, the Big Tech companies are focusing on privacy, data protection and information security policies implemented by default. While businesses are looking to add new security layers and protect against all risks associated with a breach.In a joint effort to make[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

The 3 different types of MSPs

A managed service provider, also known by its MSP acronym, offers to be the IT department for multiple companies at once, working remotely, and for a fixed monthly cost. Pricing options offered by MSPs are usually based on the number of employees they will be supporting in each company; this approach allows small and medium-sized businesses to reduce[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

When to Choose an MSSP

Since the pandemic, working from home has become widely adopted across all type of businesses around the globe. As the memory of the pandemic starts to progressively fade, many predict remote working will remain in one form or another across multiple sectors. This rapid transformation has caught many businesses unprepared to properly secure a new[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango