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We are a managed IT service provider specializing in the Building & Construction industry. We help local businesses simplify their technology, keep IT secure, and leverage IT to help their business grow.

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Tech in a Flash is different than other tech companies. I can get a real person on the phone and someone working on fixing my issue quickly. This is a great assistance to me professionally.

The single biggest benefit of having Tech in a Flash monitor my systems is the fact that they have eliminated the various sorts of viruses that have affected my personal and business computers in the past without any downtime or lost production. For me has been invaluable.

What sets them apart is the desire of their owner and team to satisfy clients, resolving issues quickly. That coupled with the software & hardware “know-how” required to make the right choices based on ones needs is a great feature in this digital age we all live.

Fred Weill, President
Amerlink Paper Sales

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for.” With Tech In A Flash, you get full coverage and no need to worry about your IT problems. They monitor, prevent, and troubleshoot problems as they arise. They are always there to make sure that you stay up and running and will do everything in their power to be sure that you don’t lose a minute of work. Are you paying more, yes, but with a cheaper IT company you will pay way more on the backside to fix the problem that should’ve been covered or noticed before it happens.

They have been able to solve our security issues, prevent new ones, and keep our operations up and running with no glitches. It would be a major downfall if you did not let Tech In A Flash monitor your network and keep you safe.

Eric White, General Manager- Operations
Haskel Thompson & Associates

I have used IT departments for 23 years. Probably six different companies. Using Tech in a Flash is a night and day difference. They’re about in the middle for pricing out of all the companies I’ve used. But the service is through the roof. Problems are always fixed quickly. 99% of the time the first time. That never really happened with the other companies.

In the past we’ve had some pretty bad things happen tech-wise. Our website has been hacked, stolen and used for Islamic propaganda. We have had our technology and intellectual property stolen. I’m happy to say since we’ve hired Tech in a Flash, over 5 years ago and implemented their proactive management system, those issues have stopped. When we do have a problem it’s very small and they have everything backed up.. When somebody tries to do something malicious he catches it quickly and alerts us.

Brian Bland, CEO

Years ago, we had a one-man company who handled all of our IT for our non-profit. He was great and we loved all that he did. When he retired, we were directed to Tech in a Flash. At first, we noticed that things were being done “differently” and cost us a bit more than before.

However, within just a few months we found that for the first time the system was finally “settling down” and we were not having the constant issues which plagued us on a daily basis. In our previous office setting, everything was scotched taped and twisty-tied together so moving to our new offices allowed us to finally standardize and organize our IT. I can say that without the team at Tech in a Flash, we would still be struggling with systems which do not work. I’m so happy that all it takes is a phone call for the Tech team to log in and fix most issues. When something needs to be done on-site, one of the guys shows up within a short period of time and gets the issues corrected.

In the past, we did not fully “circle the wagons” around our network. As we learned, one of our computers on the network was able to be hacked and ransomware was inserted into that computer. When we notified Tech in a Flash, they were quickly able to quarantine the issues, destroy the viruses, and help us rescue anything we could from the ransomware infected computer.

After the crisis was handled we had Tech in a Flash completely secure our system with their managed antivirus and monitoring, I can say that since that episode, we have no further data breaches or security violations. With the scare of a potential total loss of all data from the Trojans and ransomware, we feel that Tech in a Flash monitoring on ALL of our computers is now required. No devices can access our system without being monitored 24/7 by their systems. It took one instance to change my opinion of the value of a totally monitored environment.

Brad Starner, Director of Finance
New Hope Presbyterian Church

Tech In A Flash displays high commitment towards their work! When we transitioned our company’s internal IT infrastructure, they provided us an expert helping hand. The transition to Office 365 was smooth and they were very responsive making it a cake walk for our organization. Their timely input in removing the glitches that led to problems initially showed their dedication to their work. Tech In A Flash’s understanding of the Office 365 Suite including Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint is apparent and it is clear that they can accommodate our needs as we grow. The support is highly personal and non-bureaucratic. They’re also proactive in anticipating solutions that work for us without “upselling.” I highly recommend Tech In A Flash to all my friends.

Stephen Hruby, Owner
Architects Unlimited

Tech In A Flash took our entire corporation and moved it to a remote location for 90 days during Hurricane Irma. It only took them less than 6 hours to get our 9 workstations and server operational. Keep in mind there was no internet and power in the entire area. We worked off generators and they set us up with a backup internet connection that worked over the cellphone towers. How neat! I was amazed at how seamless the transition was. Even our business partners commented on how impressed they were that we were up and running. None of our employees lost hours of work and it could not have been done without Tech In A Flash. Give Tech In A Flash a call. They have monitored our systems for 7 years. Backup and security have never let us down.

Jennifer Getman, Owner
Gulf Coast Appliance Repair & Parts Center

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