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The Hole In Your Cyber-Insurance Policy That Could Result In Your Claim Being Denied

You’ve all heard the stats – small businesses are the #1 target for cybercriminals because they’re easy targets, with a recent article in Security Magazine reporting that nearly two-thirds (63%) of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack and 58% an actual breach. But what many still don’t understand (or simply don’t appreciate) is how much a cyber-attack[…] Read

Published by Kayvan Yazdi, TruAdvantage

Benefits of Managed IT Services

IT has become an integral part of businesses across industries and has experienced tremendous growth and adoption in recent years. The significant investments in IT infrastructure, software, services, and talent underscore its critical role in driving innovation, productivity, competitiveness, and operational efficiency in the modern business landscape. IT services refer to the provision of technological[…] Read

Published by Nick Ower, AffinityMSP

How MSPs Can Provide a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

When a company fails victim to a ransomware attack and call on their managed service provider, they expect a solution that will quickly restore order to their business. However, not all MSPs are ready to step up and provide a calming response. MSPs should play a crucial role in ensuring affordable disaster recovery solutions for[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

MSP Select 2023

Managed service providers play a vital role when trying to operate a successful business. The challenge of turning IT into a distinctive advantage without straining budgets is one of the key benefits great MSPs provide to companies in all sectors. With that in mind, every year Cloudtango honors the most successful MSPs across the world[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

Top Tech Conferences for MSPs to attend in 2023

As a Managed Service Provider, staying informed about the latest developments in the technology industry is crucial to the success of your business. One way to do this is by attending tech conferences. In this post, we will recommend the top tech conferences that we believe will be the most interesting events for MSPs in[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

Partners Say Goodbye to Microsoft’s Gold Competencies

Microsoft announced in 2022 the launch of a new partner program coming to replace the current silver and gold competencies that partners across the globe have been accustomed for such a long time. Well the new partner program is finally here and it replaces competencies for Solutions Partner designations. The new Solutions Partner designation will[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

The quest to get rid of passwords

With average total cost of a data breach continuing its way up year over year, the Big Tech companies are focusing on privacy, data protection and information security policies implemented by default. While businesses are looking to add new security layers and protect against all risks associated with a breach.In a joint effort to make[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

Best Defense? Good Cloud Offense

Ever since cybersecurity began in the 70s, the focus was always building a good defense as part of the main strategy. The problem with conventional security has traditionally been its reactive nature to security, such as patching software, finding and fixing system vulnerabilities and other type of responsive actions to protect the infrastructure. As years[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

AiTM phishing bypasses multi-factor authentication

Microsoft has recently published details of a massive phishing attack that targeted more than 10,000 organizations. The worrying details about this particular attack is how it manages to bypass 2-factor authentication by using adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) phishing sites to steal passwords and session data. The malicious actors used adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) phishing sites to steal passwords and[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

What Are the Top Reasons You Should Move to Azure?

There are several major companies selling cloud infrastructure solutions, but in our experience at WatServ, after working on hundreds of cloud adoption and cloud migration projects, Microsoft Azure stands out from the pack. But why Azure? Many people think initially of the cloud as a source of unlimited storage. This is true, but a great[…] Read

Published by Michael Cusden, WatServ