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Hybrid Workplace: The MSP Opportunity

Covid has fundamentally transformed employee and customer expectations. And there’s no going back. If there is one thing the pandemic has demonstrated to many employers is that staff can do productive work from home, a park or even the french alps. Now, many employees believe they don’t need to be in the office to accomplish[…] Read

Published by Helena Vorschepoth, Cloudtango

Office 365 Configuration Compliance Audit

CalebAlbers published a really useful app called OCCAM to help auditing Office 365. OCCAM is an open-source toolkit for testing Office 365 tenants against a set of security and compliance best practices. It is built for CSPs managing multiple tenants, though a future version will allow for use without CSP membership.OCCAM lets you managed Tenant[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

5 Key Reasons to Consider a Cloud Migration

What are the key business events or triggers that make executives consider a migration to services in the cloud? There are many different drivers and when researching what they are, the result almost always leads to the overall goal of modernizing the business and work environment. To go a little deeper, the Azure team at[…] Read

Published by Michael Cusden, WatServ

How Cloud Technologies Can Enhance Business Productivity

Microsoft rose to dominate PC software because of two really important products – their Windows operating system and their suite of business support tools called Office. The tools in the Office suite are known globally and have often become synonymous with systems they represent – such as talking about an Excel sheet instead of a[…] Read

Published by Michael Cusden, WatServ

Largest Managed Services Providers

Each year, Cloudtango honors the most successful managed service providers in the enterprise market. In this eighth edition, we continue to highlight technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction provided by the MSP industry across the Globe. For 2022, our technical analysis focused on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure and Cloud services. Through the selection process, we have reviewed[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

Is the Public Cloud Secure?

For as many years as the public cloud has been around, so has been the debate over whether or not it’s secure. When AWS launched in 2006 and Azure shortly thereafter in 2008, the public cloud was considered uncharted territory. IT professionals didn’t know whether to trust it or be weary. This was much like[…] Read

Published by Otto Aulicino, WatServ

Managed IT Services: Is It Time For A Secure Alternative?

Managed IT Services: Is It Time For A More Automated, Secure Alternative? Technology has made businesses more competitive than before. This is because businesses have moved to a digital realm where they can connect to customers, place and respond to orders, and even communicate with stakeholders from one place. While the benefits of technology are[…] Read

Published by Carla Kaine, Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT)

Top 5 Microsoft Conferences for 2022

In the past two years, most Microsoft centric events were cancelled or moved online due to Covid. While online events helped events stay relevant and was an efficient option for some, we believe in-person events have clear advantages, as they provide a better networking experience, hands-on testing of new technologies and most importantly, face to[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Navigating the multiple licensing options within Microsoft 365 is becoming more complex as the platform continues to evolve. In recent years, Microsoft 365 has been adding new features and apps at an incredible pace while continuously updating the licensing options available. When facing doubts or the need to compare, there is a very useful site[…] Read

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango

Powershell script: Redirects Office 365 mailboxes

PowerShell script to list all forwards and redirects from all Office 365 mailboxes. Kieran Walsh created this highly recommendable PowerShell script to check if a customer’s Office 365 was compromised and sent emails to external accounts.

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango