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SkySail Technologies Ltd
We’re a team of IT specialists that put serving people and making a positive difference at the heart of everything that we do. We’re not only here to serve as your business’s can-do IT crew, keeping your ship sailing smoothly and securely in today’s digital waters, we’re strategic IT partners that help your business to navigate the tech tides and make them work in your favour.

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Kelowna, Canada

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Working With SkySail Allows Us to Keep Our Business Growing and Expanding

SkySail Technologies manages and monitors our entire network and provides our servers for 45+ users. We rely on SkySail for security and to ensure our distribution team communicates seamlessly and efficiently with the operational team. First hand, we have received great service from our tech, Darren. Darren brings 10+ years of experience and has helped us design and implement technical systems. Darren and his team have also provided our team with security and data management education. Working with SkySail allows us to keep our business growing and expanding.

Stan Walt, Owner
Chances Casino Kelowna

My Business Is Very Personal To Me, and SkySail Understands That

I have worked with Darren since 1997, organizing and working with my computer systems, arranging new machinery and problem-solving. I have always found his service exemplary, and his knowledge is beyond reproach. I am excited to work within the new framework with SkySail Technologies Ltd. I feel other companies could benefit from Darren's expertise and knowledge of the very fast-paced work of technology. My business is very personal to me and Darren understands that very important component. I highly recommend this company to other business owners.

Anne Nikiforuk, Owner
OIS Financial Ltd

Peace of Mind That SkySail is On Top of Our Technology Needs

We have been working with SkySail Technologies for 8 years, and they have been great. We rely on them for everything IT Services, from software, phones, and websites to security and advice. The SkySail Team is very responsive to our needs and is a trustworthy IT partner on which we have come to rely. As one of the owners, I have peace of mind that SkySail is on top of our technology needs and is always finding innovative ways to help us grow and sustain our business. Thank you, SkySail Technologies!

Dave Miles, Partner
Montgomery Miles & Stone Law Firm

SkySail is Thorough In Their Assessment of Our Current and Future IT Needs

Gillespie & Company hired SkySail Technologies to provide us with full IT support, including but not limited to equipment & security review, cloud storage backup, general daily support, general maintenance, recommendations and implementation for future improvements. It has been our experience that the team at SkySail is very thorough in their assessment of our IT situation and needs, both for the immediate and the future needs. They provide us with their recommendations and then ask for our input and thoughts. They are very respectful that we don't know a lot about IT, which shows in how they interact with us and in their recommendations.

Mark Bartle, Partner
Gillespie & Company LLP

SkySail Helps Us Minimize Down Time, Increase Productivity and Proactively Manage External Threats

SkySail Technologies brings knowledge and value to our business. As a law firm, we are heavily dependent on reliable, efficient, secure IT. Partnering with SkySail helps us minimize our down time, increase our productivity and proactively manage external threats. Their focus on understanding our operation and business priorities rather than simply "fixing" problems, enables them to provide better service and solutions. As a small business themselves, they appreciate that their support and recommendations need to be financially practical. SkySail helps us deliver good service to our clients and for that we're grateful.

Andrea Krause, Director of Operations
Pihl Law Corporation

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