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Schuberg Philis
We create, control and change the highly complex ecosystems that are critical to the world. We develop IT solutions that take our clients into a new age, that we feel is only just beginning. We make sure we can trust today and think about tomorrow.
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MSP Select Netherlands 2024. Every year, Cloudtango honors the most successful managed service providers. For 2024, our technical analysis focused on business growth, customer satisfaction, and service offerings. By being selected, Schuberg Philis demonstrated an excellent track record delivering innovative IT services and cloud solutions while exceeding customer expectations.

20+ LE upGrowth


KLM has been a customer of Schuberg Philis since 2004. According to Director of Digital Strategy Guido van Til, the […]


Jumbo consulted with several external parties to create a solid E-commerce platform and develop the associated apps. […]

Web Development, OpenStack, GCP, DevOps, Cybersecurity... and 4 more
Google, Microsoft, Amazon
Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
Branches: Rotterdam
020 750 6500

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Schuberg Philis is an integral part of our Dutch DevOps team. Together they make the Rotterdam harbor digitally smarter each year.

Richard Donselaar, CIO

Our primary focus had been on logistics. So first and foremost, our business was about warehouse locations, keeping stock, and managing distribution. And now, within a few years’ time, we’re designing customer interfaces to explain how to use our ATMs. This requires a completely different business focus compared to five years ago. And Schuberg Philis is enabling us to achieve that.

Richard Hofstede, Shared Services Manager

Schuberg Philis has done four important things for us in the past year. Firstly, they have provided enormous processing capacity. Secondly, we have improved the pipeline together. The data now goes in and out more quickly, and the infrastructure better utilized. Driving down cost per patient is important to make the current set up acceptable for incorporating in the care system. Last year only two sequencers were running in the pipeline; now all ten are running. In April we began with 40 patients per month, and by the end of 2016 we had 110 per month, and that number is increasing. Thirdly, Schuberg Philis has also invested in storage capacity, ranging from continually accessible object storage through to slower tape storage. Data is now stored in a compressed form, while remaining quickly accessible. It is raw data, stored in such a way that we can trace its origins. So we do not foresee problems from legacy systems in the near future, and can continue to improve the pipeline. Finally, I see all sorts of addedvalue activities such as the proof of concept for the portal that is allowing the research centers to see the raw data themselves and conduct analyses. Nevertheless, we do not want to be peddling hope, by claiming that we have the final key in curing cancer. With our combined efforts allthough, we can make a difference by joining our best people with the best tools.

Hans van Snellenberg, Director
Hartwig Medical Foundation

They really want to know what motivates the customer and what the customer does. They quickly understood what our environment implies. There’s a lot of knowhow at Schuberg Philis about private cloud solutions, embodied for example in procedures that you can reuse.

Joost Huijbregts, Service Manager

The day we went live was exciting. I was in the office until 3:30 a.m., and the next morning I was back again at 7 o’clock. And the techies from Schuberg Philis were still there. We were aware from the start that we were dealing with experts.

Folkert Reitsma, Director of Business Infrastructure

I have seen Schuberg Philis make the shift from a traditional sourcing company to the DevOps side and then climb higher in the technology stack: from cloud layer, via the midlayer, to application management. I have also noticed their relentless focus on automation, in true DevOps spirit, and apply complete blueprints so that they can create new environments at a stroke, and now they are developing software with the open source community as well. Previously, many IT organizations were trading off efficiency with stability, speed and flexibility. More often than not efficiency was considered key. The trick is to deliver against all, and that is the focus of Schuberg Philis.

Gerard Speksnijder, Co-leader Global Agile Application Development practice

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