ClearDATA is the nation’s fastest growing healthcare cloud computing company. More than 310,000 healthcare professionals rely on ClearDATA’s HIPAA compliant cloud computing HealthDATA (TM) platform and infrastructure to store, manage, protect, and share their patient data and critical applications. The HealthDATA cloud computing platform is designed and developed exclusively for the healthcare industry to deliver the highest standards in compliance, security, and performance. Healthcare and Cloud Computing know how, rigorous HIPAA compliance, and our purpose-built platform are the cornerstone to our client’s success and core to our DNA. ClearDATA is HITRUST certified, the healthcare industry’s gold standard for PHI security and HIPAA compliance.

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Horizon Health Care

Comprehensive Security Risk Analysis Helps FQHC Achieve Meaningful Use and Safeguard PHI.

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Although cloud is strategic for us, the ability to be experts on the cloud and cloud compliance is not necessarily strategic for us. Our business is healthcare, and we want to ensure that all of our energy is focused on what the right things are for our members, and how we can best address their needs in the marketplace.
The thing that stood out from ClearData for us was that they really had the depth of experience in dealing with bridging the cloud world and the healthcare world.

John Walsh, VP & CTO
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Jersey

With ClearDATA, Synzi gains validation on our approach to developing the platform, without having to build it from scratch ourselves. Working with ClearDATA was a great way to design a secure and compliant application from the beginning, leveraging the insight and expertise that the ClearDATA architects provide in that process.

Mark Knudsen, CTO

ClearDATA’s HITRUST certification has enabled us to clear IT security requirements our customers have placed on us. So in some ways, ClearDATA is even helping us win more business. But the most important thing is that we get a high-touch team who are healthcare security and compliance experts so we can focus on our core business.

Mark Cassidy, CTO
Verity Solutions

ClearDATA offers unparalleled security. They also offer cost-effective pricing, have been very supportive, and were able to get our site and services set up quickly and securely. They have a great staff that offers exceptional service, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Jean Brodowski, President & COO
MedLink Advantage

In the medical space, data is sacrosanct. ClearDATA brought specialized capabilities such as HIPAA compliance and industry-leading knowledge of healthcare security and privacy best practices.
With ClearDATA, we have a partner that genuinely understands how vital it is to secure patient information flawlessly, meet healthcare regulations, and guard against downtime. Ultimately, ClearDATA helps our clients improve patient care – and, after all, that’s what this is all about.

Colby LeMaire, CEO
Objective Medical Systems (OMS)

We were impressed by ClearDATA’s reputation and exclusive experience in the healthcare space. A favorable recommendation for ClearDATA from our IT acquisition consulting partners at Avail Partners sealed the deal.
Having our services hosted in a HITRUST-certified infrastructure as a startup has given us a seat at the table with our customers’ IT and security teams that we may not have had otherwise. By leveraging ClearDATA’s services, we can spend our resources focusing on delighting our customers as we scale, versus having to dedicate time and expertise almost solely to security.

Justin Alford, CTO

ClearDATA understands our needs as a self-funded EMR company. When we were with AWS, we were just another client. ClearDATA understands our strengths and weaknesses, and helps us come up with solutions. That would’ve been like pulling teeth with AWS.
Our customers seem confident and secure because of ClearDATA’s HITRUST certification. Even though AWS is a bigger name than ClearDATA, the fact that ClearDATA is healthcare-focused and HIPAA-focused, is significant.

Nitin Chhoda, CEO
InTouch EMR

Anyone that is building web-based services for healthcare must have speed in mind. Patients have needs that can’t wait to be fulfilled. Customers are pushing hard for expanded features. We could see that ClearDATA was the right partner to help us meet these demands—and without cutting any corners on data security.

Glenda Anderson, Founder & CEO
Farsight Genome Systems

We are all about driving the best quality at the lowest cost and putting patients first. We want to focus on what we do best, which is taking care of patients. What we should not be doing is recreating the wheel on our own when it comes to technology, security, and privacy. That’s where AWS and ClearDATA help.

William Morris, Associate CIO
Cleveland Clinic

Running our SaaS platform on ClearDATA on the AWS Cloud takes a lot of guesswork out of compliance and high availability. That gives us fewer things to manage, so we can spend our time creating new features that help us grow right alongside our high-performing practice clients.
Healthcare is moving very quickly today, so working with a partner that is completely focused on healthcare technology and compliance frees us to continue innovating, so we can offer the best experience to physicians and practices.

Josh Siegel, CTO

Protecting PHI can be a sensitive issue. ClearDATA, by presenting what needed to be done from an outside expertise perspective, helped us avoid pointing fingers or placing blame on what can be an extremely sensitive topic. That kind of high-touch experience from an outside consultancy is rare and greatly appreciated.

Scott Weatherill, Chief Information and Security Officer
Horizon Health Care, Inc.

ClearDATA’s team is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. Their attentiveness makes scalability easier and directly improves our business model and outcomes. We previously fielded many questions regarding HIPAA security and HITRUST certification, but when we mention ClearDATA, our clients feel comfortable with the security and technology underlying our products.

Gerrit Adams, co-founder
Callidus Health

Other hosting providers were not exclusively focused on healthcare. Our initial experience left us dissatisfied. We needed a provider steeped in the industry that knew the security and encryption requirements even more than we did. Unlimited storage and guaranteed uptime were a must as well, because physicians rely on us for real-time information when they are making life-altering clinical decisions.
A security breach or downtime could easily destroy our company. ClearDATA offers 100 percent uptime service-level agreements, has unparalleled expertise and knowledge in security and encryption, and—a facet very important to us—their team has already done the end-to-end work of a HIPAA-compliant solution.

Gregory Grant, MD, Chairman & Chief Medical Officer
Photon Medical Communications Inc.

We went from 40 line items in our budget to a single line item through ClearDATA … with a significant cost savings. We don’t have to try to overbuild for what the capacity might be in the future. I can just use what I need. The performance of the database when it runs on a single server is a lot faster in this environment than in our previous one.
With ClearDATA, we have intelligent, well-trained engineers on our side that can definitely meet us in the middle. The engineers have been very good at understanding our requests. They help us decide what to add now or later.
Every step of the way, we have a conversation about best practices. The engineers tell us the limitations from the security side. It allows us to feel confident that whatever we’re doing is going to be covered by HIPAA.

Jason Greer, Executive Director
Colorado Community Managed Care Network’s (CCMCN)

We realize that a data breach or loss would be devastating. Most professionals in healthcare think it will never happen to them, but if it did, it would bankrupt any practice. We saw the importance and went to ClearDATA because they have healthcare-specific expertise, a strong partnership with Henry Schein, and a very thorough and expert approach to SRAs.
Now, we are well on our way to understanding and acting on what we have to do to safeguard PHI and become fully HIPAA-compliant. Most of all, we realize SRAs are mandatory, and we’re taking action to protect our patients’ information – and our business.

Charles York, Office Manager
Dr. Kim York, DDS

Honesty and clarity are such important factors in choosing a cloud hosting provider. When I get an invoice from ClearDATA, there are no surprises. When I throw them what most would say is a ‘stupid’ question, they resolve my concerns with patience and respect. In my view, these qualities separate an adequate service provider from an exceptional one like ClearDATA.

Courtney Henderson, Director
Mu Medical

We talked to several vendors. ClearDATA emerged as our choice because they specialize in healthcare and they proved to us that we would receive personalized attention and superb service. ClearDATA was relentless in helping us solve our performance issues and collectively worked exceptionally hard, long hours to make everything right. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it again with ClearDATA? Absolutely—in a heartbeat.

Anthony Baumann, COO

Being a non-profit organization, going to the cloud was in our best interest because it would keep our infrastructure costs low while still providing the best and most reliable service to our patients. ClearDATA was selected as our cloud service provider because of its exclusive healthcare industry focus and expertise, and extensive experience with meeting all of the HIPAA security and regulatory requirements.

William W. Massengill Jr., CEO
Benson Area Medical Center

We researched hosting vendors and did some vetting on our end, with HIPAA compliance being at the top of our priority list. This is why we chose ClearDATA. Things are going so well, we anticipate hosting our email, Web site, accounting, and internal storage backups with them in the near future.

Brian Schleifer, Director of Development

After multiple phone calls and personally seeing the systems and security safeguards ClearDATA had in place, I actually felt more secure with their hosted solution than having the data in our office. I couldn’t be happier and tell every person that asks me that they should consider cloud hosting for their business.

Liza Altman, Administrator & Office Mgr
Advanced Arthritis Care and Research

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