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J - I.T. Outsource is a Fresno managed IT services firm serving small to medium businesses (SMB) with ten or more business computers networked to a server. We work with CEOs, Presidents and business owners to help them solve business problems with technology in the Fresno, Clovis and surrounding area of California. President and CEO J. Colin Petersen consults as a Virtual CTO for companies in Fresno, California, and across the country.

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JIT serves our company over 6 locations in the Central Valley. They have helped us more times than I know, and almost always in a very quick and efficient manner. I work Operations for a company that exceeds 150 employees and so we need JIT to help us multiple times weekly, and they always do! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any company, large or small.

Derek Walters
Jorgensen Co.

We had what we thought were managed services, but there were still too many things going wrong. We were continually having to deal with the same problems, over and over. We didn’t have time for all these recurring issues. We weren’t price shopping, we just wanted to get rid of all the problems we were still having. What I really like about working with J – I.T. Outsource is that we no longer have to thinkabout our system all the time. It’s there and it works the way we need it to. There are no attitudes from anyone. Their team is made up of the highest caliber of qualified people who always listen to us.

Doug Benik, President
Dalena / Benik & Associates

We had a full-time I.T. person on staff at Darden Architects, but I was also the backup I.T. guy. We always had to coordinate our vacation schedules to make sure our staff help desk needs were covered. I was also not always certain that our backups were current. Then when our previous IT person left, we advertised to fill the position and received 50+ resumes. That’s when we decided to go in a different direction and started interviewing I.T. companies. We felt very comfortable and confident with J – I.T. Outsource and what they could offer. I can now get my work done as opposed to having to address computer issues. Most importantly, we are now confident that our critical data is backed up.

Bob Petithomme, Principal
Darden Architects

What I like most about working with J – I.T. Outsource is that I and my employees rarely have to lose time from our work because a machine is down or needs repairs. I know that you’re always keeping me updated, too, because I get notices. You’ve really “Wow’d” us by taking the hassle out of I.T. I do recommend you. You are absolutely the best I.T. firm ever.

Joe Denham, Vice President
Denham Resources

We used to handle our I.T. and help desk in house. While hiring an I.T. firm seemed to cost more money, it made more sense to go with somebody who does it as a living. Who does it every day, all day. That’s why we called J. It was costing us sales because our in-house computer person was primarily a sales person, so he wasn’t getting our I.T. done on time either. It just makes sense to outsource to experts. When we have a problem, it now gets solved instantly. In today’s world, if you have a computer problem, you’re out of business. I like the availability of your support. I never worry about our network any more. And I’m happy that we’re not doing it ourselves.

Mark Eckhaus, CEO
Eckhaus Fleet

Our previous I.T. company charged us hourly, not a flat rate. That sounds great when sold as “you only pay for what you need!” However, problems would drag on, taking hours and hours to resolve. We began to question whether we were being taken advantage of. We also discovered that when they made a mistake, they were charging us for the time they spent fixing it! We found ourselves needing to go over each monthly bill with a fine-tooth comb. It became exhausting. Ultimately, many of our monthly bills were higher than what our flat rate is now with J – I.T. Outsource. It’s a relief knowing we pay the same amount whether we call once a month or once a day.

Laura Parkinson, Designer
Facility Designs

The way J – I.T. Outsource works saves us a lot of staff time. Instead of getting tied up in trying to fix things, we just call. We spend a lot less time with people sitting around, not being able to work while waiting for a response from an I.T. person. We feel like we get priority service. It has significantly reduced our downtime. We sought out J – I.T. Outsource because we needed a different sort of I.T. model than what we had. Their model gives us predictability. We can budget an annual amount instead of guessing about repairs and hoping nothing major breaks. My staff says that the great relationship we have with J – I.T. Outsource makes it much easier to get their work done. They have increased our morale and productivity and have helped make the office run more legato (smoothly).

Stephen Wilson, Executive Director
Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra

We partnered with J – I.T. Outsource because our “in-house computer guru” was handling all of our computer needs. But he’s a highly paid employee, not hired to do I.T. His value is based on billing out his services. Any time he was spending on computer projects was time I couldn’t bill him out. This cost the company thousands of dollars. With J – I.T. Outsource as our I.T. company, I have absolutely zero complaints about service or the response time – and it’s a lot less money paying them than hiring a full time I.T. staff, and definitely less money than paying one of my personnel to do it. Even though computer problems can introduce a lot of anxiety into a work environment, it is nice to have the J – I.T. Outsource team to turn to.

Joe Lord, CEO
JM Lord, Inc.

Until we met J., we felt like every other company wasn’t telling us everything. J. put everything up in front of me right away. No hidden agenda, all costs were up front, and he understood exactly what we needed. J. and his team take a strategic approach. We didn’t even have a strategy. Now, we’ve accomplish so many of our short-term goals, and continue to build on our long-term strategies, with J. and his team alongside of us every step.

Jacqui Ramirez, Director of Parish Operations
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

I was referred by one of J – I.T. Outsource’s clients. When I called, he gave you a great review. He said he didn’t have to mess with anything and hiring J. took a load off of him and his staff. I called J., we got started and it’s been great ever since. They jumped right there into the thick of it. It’s a real load off me. Everybody on staff has the number and they know who to call when they have a computer problem. I appreciate you and your team so much. Especially when you bring me nice pies. But my best case scenario is for you to get everything under control so much so that I never even have to talk to you, have you come out, or do anything! Just let me send you a check each month!

Tony Pasco, Owner
Sebring West Automotive

We used to move files from one computer to another by using zip drives! Eventually I realized that our work was important enough to require a full-service I.T. firm. I thought that was only for law firms and big offices, but it was exactly what we needed to get to the next level of service for our company. We now have an infrastructure that can handle the flow of information from purchasing product to sales and advertising production. We used to just call the nearest computer repair guy, now REAL help is just a phone call away. Everyone at J – I.T. Outsource has backed me up and guided me on each step of improving our technology workflow.

Jesse Toledo, Senior Vice President
Toledo’s Mexican Restaurant

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