We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their IT. We make IT work through partnership, knowledge and passion: trusted to run IT infrastructure services for leading business across Europe for 40 years. SCC are a provider of Cloud Hosting and Datacentre services to the ISV community.

Global100 2024. Every year, Cloudtango honors the most successful managed service providers. For 2024, our technical analysis focused on business growth, customer satisfaction, and service offerings. By being selected, SCC demonstrated an excellent track record delivering innovative IT services and cloud solutions while exceeding customer expectations.

45+ LE upGrowth Cisco Gold ISO 27001

BBC Worldwide

SCC planned, supplied, integrated and managed an end-to-end solution that saw BBC Worldwide’s new head office equipped […]


Aside from equipment procurement and disposal, SCC provides “business as usual” maintenance to all Ladbrokes sites, […]

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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We see technology as an enabler and we’re constantly looking to work with SCC to enable those efficiencies and cost savings.
The expert knowledge that the SCC helpdesk provide to our end users is extremely beneficial and SCC deliver against their commitments. Flexibility and agility are absolutely imperative to our business and we need to deliver to the service levels of our customers. We need to be able to react quickly to new business wins and we’ve found that SCC reciprocates. They fully appreciate our business and our challenges, and they have gained a clear understanding of what’s critical to Gist through working collaboratively with us.

Mark Whittaker, IT Services Manager

As an independent organisation, SCC was able to present us with a wide variety of different products to choose from. Following our selection, they created a bespoke system that matched the needs of the College, as well as the budget.

Alan Brown, IT Network Manager
Northern Regional College

SCC has been awarded a framework agreement with Leeds City Council (LCC) through which we are committed to saving the Council £4m over 5 years. We are just entering year 2. This project has further enhanced the relationship between Leeds City Council and SCC, demonstrating SCC’s ability to work as an integral component of the decision-making process within a Public Sector organisation.

David Maidment, Head of ICT Strategy
Leeds City Council

We approached SCC, as proven experts in computer solutions, to advise us in the best course of action. If I had to use three words to describe SCC, they would be passionate, trustworthy and dependable.

Adam Warne, Head of IT

The agility and added value SCC provided in working with the college went way beyond our initial project requirements. They worked tirelessly to understand our needs and the adaptive nature of our modern learning environment and improved the efficiency of our wider team in the process. We have also relied heavily on SCC in assisting us to further develop our wireless network and edge switch infrastructure.

Mark Davis, Operations Manager
Bournemouth and Poole College

SCC was the obvious choice. They are reliable, efficient and competitive. SCC has provided us with a variety of solutions that are key to the success of the council.

Alex Hartopp, IT Programme Manager
Camden Council

Kier is a varied group; we have a property, residential, construction and services business reach with very different requirements, and the project we’ve undergone with SCC has allowed us to meet the demands of all our customers. The project between SCC and Kier has gone really, really well. The differences we’ve seen have been outstanding. We had a problem and SCC helped us fix it. They fixed it much better than we thought we’d be able to.

Katie French, Head of Service Delivery
Kier Group

One of the main benefits of partnering with SCC is the guidance they’ve provided us with and their experience from undertaking similar projects with other companies. The key improvement as a result of this project has been the ability for our staff to collaborate and work flexibly, whether they’re at a customer site, or even working from home.
We actually won 2 awards off the back of this project at the Real IT Awards, for Infrastructure as an Enabler and for Project Team of the Year. We’re very, very proud of this and of SCC for being a part of that.

Rob Bruce, Head of Technology and IT Support
PRS for Music

Working with SCC to implement the digital signage system, we delivered exactly against our objectives of providing relevant and timely information to GP surgery patients across our region. The system they advised us on is far more flexible than any of the other solutions out there, and that factor coupled with its web-based access and easy interface made it the obvious choice for us. SCC has been excellent at learning with us and supporting our surgeries to deliver all of the information they need, whenever they require.

Ritchie Brett, E-communications Manager
NHS Central Midlands

SCC has been a great partnership for us. We’ve appreciated the amount of time and
effort they’ve put into our projects. What SCC has done for us is provide an environment that is completely scalable and resilient with disaster recovery in mind. It’s given us peace of mind in respect of our disaster recovery and going forward, it’s a cost-effective way of expanding our business needs.
Overall, the equipment that’s been installed has been of the highest quality – and is resilient in its nature and is totally scalable for ongoing development.

Derek Hine, Group IT Development Manager
Briggs and Forrester

As one of the leading workplace services providers in the UK, with over 2,500 employees using IT from 100 sites across the UK, PHS Group need an IT partner they could trust to drive cost savings and enhance IT procurement.
SCC’s ability to maximise warranty entitlements has contributed to the massive cost savings. As a Service Contract Specialist Partner, SCC has supported PHS Group through incident management for HP Carepacks. Their highly established vendor partnerships have helped us achieve maximum value for money from our IT estate.

Ian Featherstone, CIO
PHS Group

We partnered with SCC to move our data centre to their locations, knowing that would give us more resilience and more confidence around our data centres overall, as well as adding some flexibility to increase or reduce our capacity over time as we need to. We chose SCC because we wanted a partner who had experience of moving this type of data centre before. We wanted to know that someone had been there, done it and got the T-shirt in a way that we hadn’t. We needed their experience and professionalism so that our systems would be moved as safely as possible and be back online as soon as possible with minimal disruption to service.
SCC was able to work with us to help us understand the options, and the risk of these options, in order to help us ensure that the decision we came to was the one that best suited the criticality of our operations.

Aaron Powell, Chief Digital Officer
NHS Blood and Transplant

We chose to partner and trust SCC because SCC was able to deliver on all of the problems we needed solutions for. Essentially they were the people we needed to be working with.

Sam Peters, Head of Operations

SCC has a unique level of experience working within the public healthcare sector, and that proved a significant asset throughout the course of this project. In addition to a very well-honed understanding of our distinct organisational needs, the team there were able to respond to our brief in detail, providing proven solutions to each and every issue that we faced.

John Wilshaw
North Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit

Technology is a big part of education now. All classrooms are kitted out with smartboards, and students are expected to bring their own devices. This allows them to access the VLE and Office 365. SCC identified and eliminated all single points of failure with our server farm. The project with SCC has gone very well. Their IT guys were very professional and very experienced.

Paul Conroy, Head of IT Support

SCC basically takes away the headache – we tell them what equipment we need and they do all the legwork, giving us a full end-to-end service throughout the product lifecycle, through procurement, servicing and disposal. This allows us to keep up-to-date with current legislation and allows us to reuse equipment we’ve removed from stores, refurbishing and redeploying it, resulting in cost savings.
What I like about working SCC are the people and the professionalism. It doesn’t matter if you’re with your dedicated SCC account manager, or whether you’re speaking to the call centre in Romania, the professionalism just stands out. If I was to describe SCC in a few words, I’d say: professional, trustworthy and customer-focused.

Colin Paddock, Deployment Controller

SCC was able to not only provide us with the MPS solution for our business that would help control spending, but also help us save money by avoiding significant financial penalties imposed by other businesses. Our IT department is busy and anything we can do to save them time helps. Support calls are often timely and with M2 handling, we are now able to focus on other areas of our IT infrastructure.
The cost efficiencies have been massive. By rationalising the supply chain and selecting one main partner, the programme was able to quickly establish a platform to jointly deliver around £9 million of annualised benefits over five years for UK Operating Companies.

Balfour Beatty

We took industry-specific references that led us to working with SCC. SCC has been able to introduce us to a variety of new technology through their widespread vendor partnerships. SCC’s private background gives a certain sort of credibility; there’s the financial stability that we look for and the supplier accreditation, as well as a cultural fit. SCC takes a collaborative approach and work in partnership to overcome any difficulties.
The challenges we now face are around the fast rate of change in mobile technology and security. We’re looking for agile solutions, and, like many businesses, we’re looking towards Cloud. These rapid changes mean we need the ability to flex up and flex down as we acquire. And we look to SCC for technological innovation and leadership.

Vince Sparks, Group IT Director
Stobart Group

Through our IT partner, SCC, the Trust has been able to deliver value for money, mobility and innovation. They understand our business and IT requirements having taken the time and the trouble to learn about the Trust.

Richard Walsh, Head of IT
Canal & River Trust

SCC is an integral part of our IT delivery engine; perceived by many within Babcock to be a differentiator for us in the market. Our relationship with SCC is bound by trust at the highest level, running all the way down.

Simon Parker, CIO

What was attractive to me about SCC was the principal of having a partner that wouldn’t just do what we asked them to do but would help us in actually going on the whole IT overhaul journey. The solution has provided us with a more risk free and flexible landscape that’s going to allow Samworth Brothers to exploit IT moving forwards.

Martin Gibbons, Group IS Director
Samworth Brothers

Communication is hugely important to our business and the solution provided by SCC has allowed us to collaborate globally using technology. We have people working around the world on key tenders that rely upon the ability to communicate in real-time and the video conferencing facilities provided by SCC enable them to succeed. We partner with SCC because we value their experience and knowledge around video collaboration and we have a long-standing relationship built upon many well-implemented projects.

Alan Street, AV Manager

I reached out to SCC because I knew I could expect a partnership, as opposed to just a supplier relationship. The company has started to see the benefits and return on investment almost straight away. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been a cultural one. With the new Skype for Business and email systems, teams which before were segregated by location are now able to have quick chats and video calls. We’ve managed to develop a culture of togetherness and collaboration through use of this technology. It was a massive step forward into the 21st century for Arnold Clark.

Chris Rydings, CTO
Arnold Clark

Technology is critical for us to what we’re trying to achieve. We need to ensure that tills operate, so staff have the tools they need to serve customers. We are critically dependent on the IT suppliers that we have, so we need a partner that does its role properly and doesn’t rely on us to manage them.
What has really impressed me working with SCC was the people and the planning. They’re really professional and get on really well with my team and the other partners involved. By bringing that level of skill and focus, they got the plan sorted very early and built confidence.

Ian Windsor, Group IT Director

We were working to very tight deadlines and a very tight financial budget so we were looking for a partner that was able and willing to rise to the challenge. SCC demonstrated that they understand our technical requirement; that they had the technical capability we were looking for and that they were value for money. SCC has worked with us in a very collaborative way. They’re part of the team and they’re making sure we’re being successful together.

Béatrice Lightfoot, Chief Technology Officer
Skills Funding Agency

Lots of companies talk about working in partnership, but not so many actually achieve it, particularly in the heat of a large project. SCC really do work in partnership – it feels like one team all working towards the same objectives.

William Hewish, IS Director
United Utilities

The key thing was to mesh together technology that already was located within the council, in other buildings, and to integrate it into the central library. That was quite challenging but through working with SCC we’ve achieved some fantastic results.

Nicola Richards, Lead Libraries Officer
City of Cardiff Council

SCC supports our customers through their technology. The solutions SCC have enabled us to spot incidents quicker, fix them quicker and provide a better service to our customers.
The qualities we look for in a provider revolve around delivery – and SCC delivers. They have access to a range of technology which fulfills our needs and challenges, and will continue to do so moving forward as a trusted partner in the continued growth of TalkTalk.

Martin North, Head of Network Operations

We chose SCC because of their reputation. They are a large IT reseller, who would give us the focus in terms of customer service and had the necessary depth of technical expertise to deliver the project effectively – and that’s exactly what they did. SCC has met our standards of excellence. As a food producer, we have to have high standards and stringent quality procedures, so we looked for a supplier that took quality equally seriously – SCC did just that.

David Anderson, Head of IT
Scottish Sea Farms

The benefit SCC provided was not just in expert technical design and first class project delivery, but also in their willingness to manage unfamiliar technologies and associated workstreams during the planning and implementation phases. This meant the overhead on Eurostar’s project team was significantly reduced allowing us to focus on design and implementation. Ultimately this resulted in a complex programme, made up of many interdependent components, being tightly managed and well executed to deliver on time and to budget.
SCC has proven it is a very capable business partner and as a result we will continue to engage with them in all major IT projects and initiatives.

Ian Pountney, Head of IT

We needed to seek help about what good solutions look like within the confines of our budgets and SCC really stood out. The relationship between us and SCC has progressed from them being a trusted advisor, to becoming part of the team.

Andreas Arnold, Director of Strategic Projects
BBC Worldwide

SCC plays a really important part in our alliance. They’re at the front line, taking calls and visiting properties. At the National Trust, we love SCC. The reason we love them is because they’ve been prepared to change with us as we’re grown, delivering a service to special places. The positive outcomes are about value for money, cutting costs and delivering simplicity. From the customer’s view; one of our values is ‘love places’ and it’s really important to me that our partners also love our places.
In the future, we’d really like SCC to continue to grow with us, to help deliver that really good customer service and grow the nation’s love for special places, forever, for everyone.

Lauren Tennant, Head of IT Service Delivery
National Trust

SCC is critical to BA’s success, and the relationship has evolved successfully over the last 15 years. We’ve grown together – SCC is understanding of what BA is trying to achieve, and shares our goals.

Steve Harding, Head of IT Operations
British Airways

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