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First Focus is Australia’s best-managed service provider for medium-sized organisations and beyond. With tens of thousands of end-users supported across hundreds of customers, First Focus has the experience and capability to deliver comprehensive managed services, support, and technology to your organisation.
We employ over 260 of Australia’s best technical, customer service and account management people, and we’re constantly investing in world-class technology to ensure our solutions are the most reliable, cost-effective, and efficient available. Our processes are fully ISO certified for 9001 Quality, 14001 Environment and 27001 Information Security.
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MSP Select Australia 2023. Every year, Cloudtango honors the most successful managed service providers. For 2023, our technical analysis focused on business growth, customer satisfaction, and service offerings. By being selected, First Focus demonstrated an excellent track record delivering innovative IT services and cloud solutions while exceeding customer expectations.

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As an external contractor, I worked with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to transform their application architecture. At the beginning of the work, I noticed they were experiencing ongoing infrastructure issues. I looked at the contracts and didn’t like what I saw for my client – long-term commitments and pricing that indicated a market review of suppliers should be conducted. The desktop infrastructure was also overly complex. Many staff within IIA needed a desktop in the office and a laptop at home to work remotely. Staff would leave their desktops running overnight and remote into their desktops to do their work. For disaster recovery, the file server was backed up to a NAS device kept on the premises. IIA was falling further and further behind with the infrastructure, and their business continuity capability relied on the office still running if staff had to evacuate. It was time for an RFP and market assessment of providers.

First Focus won the RFP, not because they were the cheapest – they were not. It was because their service packages are well defined with many levels of service to choose from. IIA knew what was included and what wasn’t and was pleased to note there were no lock-in contracts.

Today, it’s chalk and cheese from where they were. All staff now have just one laptop device, and their business continuity is no longer dependent on the office still running. First Focus also migrated IIA’s file and application servers from the incumbent to Microsoft Azure which cut hosting fees. The desktops have been decommissioned, and the NAS device is gone in favour of backups to remote datacentres on Microsoft Azure. With First Focus’ service packages, IIA is now also Essential Eight compliant.

The transition to First Focus has brought IIA’s infrastructure up to date with the latest security standards along with a simpler and more effective infrastructure. In effect, it was a digital transformation that was long overdue. It was only until the transition was complete did IIA understand how far they were behind previously, and IIA has a good relationship with the team at First Focus – they feel like they can trust their judgement.

John Walker, Senior Consultant
Cotiqu Pty. Ltd.

Glass's Information Services collates and distributes automotive data. We’ve been in operation for several decades and have collected a lot of information in that time. We use proprietary software to process this data for our clients. And we had a lot of legacy hardware that supported this proprietary software. But we’re not a high-volume operation. So while some activities might take a while on these older systems, we kept them because they worked.

In 2019, we were integrating with our parent company AutoVista and moving to a remote work model. This shift meant moving from on-prem servers to a cloud-based environment. In practice, it was a complete environment rebuild, with virtual servers hosting our software and VPNs for secure remote access.

Our systems are so fast now. It’s changed the quality of our workday. Things like rebuilding indices used to take 3-5 minutes - now it happens in less than ten seconds. And if there’s an issue, we’ve got support just a call away.

Customers might not have noticed, but we do.

Edgar Cayabyab, Systems Administrator
Glass's Information Services Pty Ltd

Healthy Land and Water has been protecting and improving the environment in South East Queensland for over 20 years. We spend every day working on delivering an environment for future generations to thrive. A lot of what we do and how we operate strategically relies on IT. And while I’m pretty experienced in IT and can Google with the best of them, I like to rely on professionals. That being said, you can't outsource a service 100% - the accountability stays with us.

First Focus plays a key role as our managed service provider. This allows our own IT experts to sit in on our c-level meetings and show us how IT can align with our own five-year plans, secure in the knowledge that we can access the support, cybersecurity, and procurement expertise we need to make it happen.

Michele Clatworthy, Chief Financial Officer
Healthy Land and Water

CI Australia started working with First Focus in 2019. We were looking for an MSP that could deliver increased service quality with pricing that matched our budget.
First Focus was originally in our top three preferred providers. What really helped them stand out was their proposal – there was no over- or under-scoping – and their reputation for good people and services.
The transition process was smooth, and there were zero issues when people came in to work the next day. In fact, many users commented that their experience with First Focus included knowledgeable staff and personal support that improved confidence and morale.
I believe First Focus is an ideal provider for any organisation in the mid-range space that needs professional services with a personal touch.

Luna Lu, Executive Assistant
CI Australia

Tellus Holdings operates several premises across the country. We needed IT support services that could help us grow while also reinforcing our cybersecurity practices. We use cloud systems extensively, and IT is an integral part of our daily operations.

First Focus aligned with our growth mentality, giving us professional support to plan future expansions. They were also able to help us manage our flexible work environment without leaving us more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. The staff always follow up on tickets with a call or an email. They are pleasant, helpful, and service-oriented, with a depth of technical expertise that makes for a great experience.

Dorrie Krahe, IT & Communications Coordinator
Tellus Holdings

As a small Non-For-Profit with tight funding models upgrading ICT services comes with great challenges. We needed to engage with an MSP that could offer a significant level of understanding for our specific needs.

First Focus definitely did not disappoint as they went above and beyond implementing a secure and modernised hybrid server solution whilst aligning with our security requirements, which were all implemented quickly.

We will continue to work alongside First Focus into the future as the demand increases for innovative solutions.

A special mention goes out to the project team - your dedication to the project was second to none.

Kallan George, Facilities & Infrastructure Co-ordinator
Centacare Employment and Training

PowerPak started working with First Focus towards the end of 2021. They had been on our radar for a while, and we decided to make the move after it became clear we needed additional support.

At the time, our IT environment was holding us back, and we weren't able to move forward with anything in that area. But we didn't realise the difference until after we made the switch.

It's not just the IT support. It's the proactive reviews and actions First Focus takes that makes a difference, fixing all the little things that we just lived with until now. We've got a team that we can throw stuff at, and they'll look at it thoroughly, make suggestions, and try to find the root cause.

It's amazing, just having someone we can rely on and the peace of mind that one of our most important assets to our business is in good hands. It's made a huge difference to us, and we are very excited about where we can go with a reliable IT Support provider.

Vivienne Warner, Support Services Manager

Precise Air is a national provider of HVAC and fire services across Australia. Of the more than 400 employees, only 120 work in offices. The rest are technical specialists who mainly work on the road. IT is not our core business strength, so we don’t have an internal IT division.

After experiencing exponential growth, we needed improvements in support, security, and future-proofing of our IT environment. The tender process with First Focus showed us the breadth of what was possible. We now have improved mobility, increased responsiveness, and quarterly planning sessions to help get us ahead of the IT curve. Comparing where we started to where we are now, it’s just chalk and cheese.

Ben Flapper, Chief Financial Officer
Precise Air Group

Outback Futures has partnered with First Focus since early 2020. We started out with a handful of staff and one IT guy who came in once a week to help out. As we grew, we needed more but couldn’t justify an in-house IT team. Our IT guy recommended we look into partnering with an MSP. We’re not an IT company. We do telehealth, but everything we do relies in some way on IT, so it made sense.

With First Focus, we started out small, but it had a huge impact. Staff morale significantly improved. They really liked having someone to call if they had an issue. And the longer we’re with them, the more we are willing to expand our involvement.

Since then, we’ve moved offices twice with the help of First Focus. Our technical account manager listens, take our comments seriously, help us work through issues, and responds quickly. I also like the way First Focus really pays attention to customer feedback. They seem genuinely interested in what their clients have to say and are determined to do better.

Rhys Tregenza, Chief Financial Officer
Outback Futures

APPEA has been working with First Focus since 2021. When the pandemic began, First Focus helped us update old equipment that was nearing the end of warranty and began helping us transition from aging servers to a more secure and scalable cloud deployment.
Our teams can now work more flexibly, with secure data storage now supporting our interstate events. Our technical account manager is very responsive, and we appreciate the lengths they go to when addressing any issues we raise.

Andrea Fahey, Office Manager & Executive Assistant to CEO

We’ve been with First Focus since 2018 when our in-house IT specialist brought them on board as our MSP. Some of our people are 100% reliant on IT, which make reliable and timely IT support critical.

It wasn’t a painful process. Switching MSPs can be tricky, but First Focus made the process appear seamless. Over time, they began providing additional services, including software support, procurement, and cybersecurity.

I like that First Focus treats non-technical people with respect. They take their time to break down complex problems into understandable concepts. That goes a long way to grow the kind of trust we need to have in our MSP.

Glenda Ross, Finance Manager

On behalf of the team at Boyden in Australia, I wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to First Focus for their amazing support in recent weeks in supporting our database migration.

I am very grateful for the service First Focus has provided to us since early 2018 and look forward to your continued support.

Jeanette Hannan, Chief Operating Officer

First Focus has been a great company to work with. The engineer responsible for most of our networking projects has exceptional skills. During projects, he has always been there to help and is extremely responsive and timely. He never rushes to complete projects. He believes in customer satisfaction.

Overall, First Focus provides the best MSP support at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

Hiren Shah, System Administrator
Visit Victoria

In our industry, trust is key. Our clients need to trust that we’re in compliance with our industry requirements. And we need to know that our MSP can help us meet those requirements.

First Focus delivered the depth and breadth of technical know-how we needed to build that trust. Every project plan was transparent, with relevant solutions, costs, timelines, and risks all laid out. This level of professionalism helped rebuild our trust that a partnership with an MSP could deliver the ICT projects we needed to a high standard.

Our people now trust their IT. They don’t have to spend hours researching IT answers because they trust that when a call is lodged it will be resolved. I’ll recommend First Focus to anyone because I know that they’ll be in good hands.

Caitlin Hughes, Corporate Services Manager
Harrier Group

I have been working with First Focus for over 7 years. Throughout those years I have had a very positive experience with excellent services being provided, along with friendly and helpful support from the Service Desk team, Technicians, Engineers, Account Managers and State Managers.

First Focus have a professional approach with a knowledgeable team who are efficient when responding to tickets and very effective in solving problems.

The whole team have a willingness to accommodate to your company or staff requirements, never hesitating to go above and beyond if requested.

Shannyn Pickford, Office Manager
St Martins Properties (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

WAIS was a bit overdue for a business systems renewal project. We were dealing with some aging systems that were putting the handbrake on collaboration both internally and externally. One of our biggest want was to move our operations from internal hardware to the cloud. We didn’t want to focus on maintaining thin clients - it’s not our core business. We also needed a broad IT skillset that could help us build our ICT infrastructure for future needs.

I hadn’t heard of First Focus before this project. They were one of six MSP under consideration. But they were highly professional and offered the best response. They were not the cheapest, but their professionalism from day one gave us the confidence we needed. Their personalised approach and depth of capacity meant they could solve old problems quickly and nip new ones in the bud. Now I can be confident that our daily IT stuff is just taken care of. No need to intervene. We’ve got the base in place, it’s set and forget - no more IT handbrakes.

If I were looking for a mid-tier MSP again, I’d look for First Focus. Even if I was looking at larger deployments, their can-do attitude and their quarterly business reviews give you lots of forward-facing options. That’s quite helpful from an ICT perspective, and a significant improvement in our expectations.

Damien Fitzpatrick, Corporate Services Manager
Western Australian Institute of Sport

Our people work on highly technical projects, with lots of custom apps, but we’re not always IT adept, so we appreciate IT support we can call with any question.

First Focus are our one-stop-shop for everything related to IT and they are always ready to adapt to our changing needs. Their ticketing system is responsive and easy to use, with a simple escalation system for time-driven issues. Their people bring a depth of knowledge that is deeply appreciated.

First Focus are competitively priced, with a clear view of our operations. If we want something done, we’ll make a suggestion, and our account manager comes back with a comprehensive quote and a full project team ready to make it happen. They’re reliable, innovative, cost-effective, and get things done on time. The proactive advice helps reduce the stress of keeping pace with our growing IT needs.

Paul Mannering, Business Support Team Lead
BMT Defence and Security Australia

We started working with First Focus about a year ago. Ranbury had ageing on-premises ICT infrastructure and wanted to move to a cloud setup that would enable our people to work and collaborate more effectively. Ranbury is a project management consulting firm with a wide-spread client base, so keeping our people connected to the business and each other is important to us.

With the scale of the ICT change and potential impact to our business continuity, it was important for us to have an MSP that we could work collaboratively with. First Focus proved to be a good fit. From the first meeting, they were keen to listen to our needs and work with us to implement the best solution for our business.

Since we started working with First Focus, we now have a robust cloud-based ICT environment. Our team are not bound to an office and have the freedom to work effectively from anywhere. This new way of working enables a more productive and flexible workforce, which translates to better levels of service to our clients. Our tech isn’t a bottleneck holding us back. Now it supports our business and our people.

I’m more than happy to recommend First Focus to anyone in the industry.

Mike Wells, General Manager
Ranbury Management Group

As an IT professional, I like working with providers that can meet my clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. And First Focus walked the talk. First impressions matter, and you take references with a grain of salt. But in this case, they were bang on. It’s easy to say what you need to say during the sales process, but consistency in delivery is what matters.

What started as a simple lift’n’shift soon grew into a much larger project. The team at First Focus stepped up to each challenge, collaborated with all stakeholders, and got the work done right. They were upfront about what was involved, set reasonable expectations, and gave out a good vibe throughout the process.

I heartily recommend First Focus for their honesty, their professionalism, and their support. Their real sense of a “can-do” attitude gave me that gut feeling that I’d met the right people and made the right call.

Paul Robinson, CEO

IT evolves fast. And we wanted to engage with an MSP that could offer a level of technical capacity and understanding that future-proofs our IT infrastructure, backed by enthusiastic support. It's not our speciality. We don't want to set up routers - we want to focus on our business.

What drew us to First Focus was the technical capacity, the proactive service, and the fact that they don't work with commissions or a sales quota. We can trust their suggestions are in our best interests because that's how they keep our business.

Our transition to a new MSP was extremely timely. When COVID hit, First Focus swiftly implemented a number of projects to improve the security and stability of our IT systems and support a remote work environment.

I highly recommend First Focus to any company that wants a future-facing IT infrastructure managed by people you can trust.

Michael Feliciano, Director of Corporate Services
Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons

First Focus has been supporting our business for 5 years; they have played an integral part in helping us scale our operations through the use of technology. We embarked on a migration to a complete Cloud solution utilising Microsoft Office 365 with First Focus; the project ran smoothly with great communication and delivery from the projects team. This project has allowed us to operate remotely with ease, which has been very helpful in today's climate. We very appreciate First Focus' efforts and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and experienced IT partner to support their business.

Sam Samawi, Director
Mission Impossible Cleaning Services

First Focus’ service when our company’s website went down on a Friday afternoon was first class…and they don’t host our website! A mix-up of IT contact details meant I accidentally reached out to them for help. After multiple calls, emails and tests they were able to point me in the right direction to solve the problem.

Tim Yelland, Marketing Executive
Leopard Systems

Recently we engaged First Focus on a few security projects base on technical credentials. They did not disappoint. The project completed in a timely manner and was very well received by our users. The project team appointed was thorough, experienced & professional. We were very impressed with the overall outcome of these projects. Looking forward to more soon!

Hiep Lam, I.T Manager
Karoon Energy Australia

I had a great experience with First Focus with migrating our servers. The Engineering team did a fantastic job not only with the racking but assisting with troubleshooting as well and making sure we were up and running.

Joe Taganesia, Technical Support Officer

We have had an excellent experience partnering with First Focus for over 3 years now, most especially with a recent switch of our service desk to the Manila team. Which we have found to provide outstanding service and a fantastic customer experience, whilst also lowering our IT spend.

Annelise Price, Associate Director

With First Focus, we have invested more in our IT services and systems, and it’s proved to be a good decision. Over the past two years we’ve moved offices and rolled out enhanced security, DR and business continuity measures, and we are now operating very smoothly. First Focus may not be the cheapest, but the quality of service and the solutions focus is excellent. Our staff are very happy, and the management team are now confident that any IT issues will be resolved quickly and the communication will be smooth.

Steve Webster, Operations Manager
Continence Foundation of Australia

We recently partnered with First Focus over a year ago, and have been delighted with their quality of service, attention to detail, and the care taken to understand our business and provide a support solution that fits our needs both now and as we change. Most recently we had a need to replace our aged conference and meeting room equipment and systems. First Focus delivered a cutting edge solution that we have found most impressive, comprising interactive touch screens and cutting edge software that provides a sizable array of meeting options and functions.

Mark Ibrahim, Chief Financial Officer
Consolidated Properties Group

The quality and professionalism of First Focus are of a very high standard and the support coverage provided from NZ to Perth works extremely well. We have had tremendous engagement from our Technical Account Manager, project teams and many members of your service desk. First Focus has a great team, and we thank you for your support during a year which included a lot of change for us.

Debbie Bennett, COO

First Focus have been a partner to Rexel Holdings Australia for a few years and provide proactive support and management of our Meraki SD-WAN network. The team at First Focus have developed a strong relationship with Rexel Holdings Australia which has led to us outsourcing a number of services to them over the last 24 months, the largest of which is the SD-WAN. The First Focus team are collaborative and engage extremely well with our team and our extended partner network to deliver quality outcomes

Nayyar Ghaznavi, CIO
Rexel Holdings Australia

Network Pacific Group has relied on First Focus for just over a year to manage our user and application support, security services and cloud infrastructure across our different locations. We are very comfortable with our decision to involve First Focus, and we are currently extending our partnership with a new project to further increase our cloud capabilities.

Stephen Briffa, Managing Director
Network Pacific Group of Companies

Our company has been partnered with First Focus for almost 5 years assisting us with all our IT support. We find our Technical Account Manager and all of the members of staff at First Focus to be very helpful and reliable in providing us with high quality IT solutions and support. Thank you for all your ongoing support as we continue to work together in the future.

Kim Holt - Client Services Manager
PM Capital

Bennelong Funds Management has partnered with First Focus for a number of years and has experienced a consistently high level of professionalism and service. First Focus has assisted us with implementing robust and reliable technology solutions that are helping us deliver quality service to our clients. They have always been willing to take on board any feedback and suggestions for improving their processes in order to better support our business, and for me this is the sign of a great service provider - Five Stars!

Russell Close
Bennelong Funds Management

The team in Manila are amazing! Very proactive and professional with excellent customer service and a keen desire to learn and find solutions! A 9/10 rating as 10/10 is impossible.

Alyssa Doherty
Lipman Burgon & Partners

LNG Group engaged the team at First Focus 3 years ago and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented, customer service driven team. First Focus has assisted us with many changes throughout the years and have always provided us with relevant technologies that can benefit our business. A big shout out to Ramzi Bahbah who has always gone above and beyond to bring value and great customer service to our business.

Robin Gray, General Manager
LNG Group

Having the latest technology, that is reliable, is a valuable tool in Accounting. Without it we would be little value to our SME’s. Recently the NBN was connected to our building and given we already had a direct internet connection through First Focus, we thought changing could have been more of a hindrance than a benefit. Once First Focus clearly mapped out the action plan to changeover, it was easy to see that we wouldn’t have any noticeable downtime and would have a more efficient system to deal with our client base. The upgrade to NBN was clearly communicated to us by First Focus and completed efficiently and within the timeframes available. We never looked back, with noticeable system improvements and quicker connectivity with our growing client cloud based products. The staff at First Focus have proved their ability to simplify any tricky problems that we experience and gladly recommend the team at First Focus.

Peter Cunneen
Finncorp Chartered Accountants

Managing technology can be challenging within our organisation due to little expertise in this area. With First Focus IT on board, we can now utilise our time to take care of core business activities. We can always trust the professionals at First Focus IT to provide efficient solutions and high quality products to address our technology problems. I found the staff are professional and helpdesk team very proactive. I highly recommend First Focus IT for anyone seeking an experienced Managed Services Provider.

Susan Doan, Group Financial Controller
Credit Collection Services Group

First Focus has been helping this business with our IT needs for almost 10 years. As we have grown and gone through changes, First Focus have helped every step of the way and ensured our systems are up to date with a constantly evolving IT environment. Their service and knowledge is exceptional and their constant monitoring of our IT environment means we can all focus on our core business. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending First Focus to any business for all its IT Services and Support.

David Abela - Finance Manager
Proximo Spirits Australia

First Focus has been very easy to deal with. Their no fuss approach has made getting IT support simple and straightforward.

Leong Hiew
Jeta Gardens

After selecting First Focus, and following a couple of months of teething issues, the noise around our IT system has diminished significantly. That’s obviously been a real positive for us. Previously there was a lot of frustration and complaints about IT, which I no longer hear, so my life is a lot easier now and it seems that our infrastructure is a lot more fit for purpose. The recommendations First Focus have made have been really good, and they’ve been very proactive about recommending the right type of solution. While the service we’ve received this year, particularly from our appointed Account Manager, has been exceptional.

Neil Webster - CEO
Mills Group

First Focus have been a valuable partner of ours for many years. With their help, we have moved our technical infrastructure forward, enhanced our IT capabilities to be an industry leader, implemented key strategic objectives and positioned ourselves perfectly for future growth.

James Meyrick
Northern Cemeteries

First Focus have consistently delivered high levels of customer satisfaction and technical support capability that have allowed Ascender to focus on our strategic business goals.

Matt O'Halloran - Director IT

Wanted to give a big thank you to all involved at First Focus with our project to move Nulon's exchange server into the Office 365 cloud. We all worked hard to move our environment over to the new infrastructure. I wanted to take the time and thank the Project Team, On-site Techs, Service Desk and Technical Account Manager for taking all of my calls with any concerns I had during this project and for supporting Nulon during this journey. You all made the experience one to remember.

Evelyn Zappia

We work with First Focus, they don’t work for us. It’s definitely a partnership, not a handover. We work together to achieve a good result and First Focus have been very good to work with. You can certainly get what you are looking for.

Liz Hollingdale
Pool Controls

Having a provider who understands Compu-Stor, and has the right resources makes it a greatly aligned partnership. Going through the process with someone who takes the time to understand our business and explains how the solution will fit has been a major benefit, particularly without an internal IT person. All major implementations were done well, and any issues are quickly resolved. When issues did occur, solving the problem as quickly as possible is critical and First Focus delivers on that which has been great. Response and fast resolutions at all turns.

Jeremy Manford

Over the past 15 months, First Focus has steered us out of an ‘IT abyss’ and onto a path that will support our growth and development plans for future years. The level of service and responsiveness provided by First Focus has been excellent. You have been actively working with us to understand our particular needs, and importantly have taken full ownership of the system management and finding best-for-purpose solutions that can be accommodated within our limitations. In particular, my staff have commented that Ben has been very helpful and responsive on day to day issues, while I also know and acknowledge the dedication and hard work delivered by Rob. I look forward to continuing our relationship with First Focus over coming years and improving ICT at BMT WBM.

Philip Haines

Thank you for your support during the implementation phase of our project with Mutual Marketplace. We placed incredibly tight timelines on your team to deliver hardware and software infrastructure in two locations and we’re very pleased with the outcome. We look forward to a strong relationship with First Focus and Mutual Marketplace.

Nick Dinan
Mutual Marketplace

The dependability and reliability of First Focus’ solutions has allowed us to grow our company to the next level.

Simon Malesev
Champion Homes

As a division of Australia Post we must maintain a high level of security to protect customer data and the First Focus’ Managed network and Firewalls provide us with this. The level of support they provide for our cloud infrastructure is second to none, which is crucial to the continued day-to-day operations of our business. First Direct Solutions would be happy to recommend First Focus to any business requiring a customised IT solution.

Chen Chen, IT Infrastructure Manager
Australia Post FDS

From the outset we received excellent service from First Focus. The skill and understanding displayed by First Focus have convinced us to entrust them to host and manage our entire environment. Their initial support to us was limited to Desktop support and ad-hoc consultancy – today, they have successfully managed the transfer of our existing infrastructure to a hosted environment.

Johan Steyn, COO
Centrepoint Alliance

First Focus implemented a data transfer, storage and analysis solution for our race team. Drivers are provided with personalised laptops enabling the quick and easy analysis of driver and vehicle data &onboard video to overlay against “The Stig’s” performance, which is pre–loaded within the software.
It was essential that the presentation, performance & personalisation of this solution is second to none in line with the Radical Sportscar product, and First Focus nailed it.

Tom Wilson, Sales & Mkt Manager
Radical Australia

With over 600 users spread around Australia, we need an IT provider with a professional and disciplined inter-state service approach, and First Focus delivers just that.

Steve Karagorgovski, CTO
Shadforth Financial Group

We find First Focus to be easy to work with and responsive to our needs, the team is knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of IT requirements and war always eager to help.

Robyn Westbrook
Johnson Partners

First Focus have demonstrated an incredible amount of dedication to our organisation. The solutions they have implemented, as well as their faultless ongoing support has ensured that we have a reliable and simplified IT infrastructure that allows us to concentrate on our business.

Marc Cohen, CEO
Davcor Group

It’s always a worry when changing IT service providers, but I’m glad to say that our decision to work with First Focus has been vindicated. They are very responsive to our needs, proactive in bringing ideas to us, without being pushy for a big sale and easy to do business with.

Ron Lloyd, National Business Manager
SGS Economics and Planning

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