S3 Technologies

S3 Technologies
We are now the largest, long-standing MSP (Managed Service Provider) serving the greater Montreal and Toronto areas. Since 2003, S3 Technologies has accumulated expertise in managing a wide variety of networks, infrastructures and applications with a team of over 80 people. Our focus is on SMB IT Managed Services and Cloud Computing.

15+ SME LE

Virtualization, Cybersecurity, Data Storage, Hyper-convergence, IaaS... and 8 more
Microsoft, VMware, Dell, Cisco, Veeam
Montréal, Canada
Branches: Toronto

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S3 Technologies est notre partenaire de TI depuis plus de cinq ans. Cette période en fut une de croissance rapide pour Boulart, et les membres de l’équipe S3 ont toujours été là quand nous avions besoin d’eux. Avec S3 comme fournisseur de services TI, Boulart bénéficie d’un large éventail de services : conseils stratégiques, gestion de projet, surveillance et soutien direct en tout temps.

Michel Saillant

S3 Technologies has been our IT Partner for over 6 years. With Corbec’s multiple plants and offices, came challenges for sharing data and applications to all our users. S3’s Private Cloud Solutions allowed us to centralise our IT infrastructure, it also allowed us to standardise our end user experience while reducing our overall IT expenses.

Nick Papas

S3 Technologies has seen to our continued success by providing access to unlimited resources to finish any IT project with any complexity. Redline has benefited from guidance, support, and services that maximise capabilities and ensure our team always has access to the tools we need to truly thrive. Switching to outsourced IT has helped cut costs, allowing our team to reallocate funds to other crucial IT projects.

Abdel Aldwikat
Redline Communications

Technology is very important for us and critical for the efficiency of operations. Since working with S3 Technologies, Quotient Forensic Accountants has seen many benefits come our way. The company has continued its partnership with S3 Technologies for this long due to competence, professionalism, prompt reaction to our needs and in general, due to a well organized service. We feel like S3 Technologies is part of our team.

Richard Forand
Quotient Forensic Accountants

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