TruAdvantage is a Bay Area-based, award-winning IT firm that specializes in managed IT, managed Cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and strategic IT planning. Our passion is to bring enterprise-level productivity, simplicity, scalability, and security to over 100 small to medium businesses that have chosen us as their IT partner.

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As the owner of the practice, I met the TruAdvantage team (Kayvan Yazdi) via a referral from another medical practice in San Francisco. Since Kayvan and his team were the IT team for that medical practice for over 10 years, trust was already established and soon after, we chose TruAdvantage. They have a very good reputation in the Bay Area's healthcare community.

We love the team and enjoy interacting with them. TruAdvantage is a forward-looking company that creates a vision for your organization and delivers on that. They focus on automation, efficiency, security, and overall business-changing processes. They got to know our office flow and improved it significantly.

We feel like we have a full-time internal IT team at a fraction of the cost. Very responsive with a good ticketing system. Their healthcare and HIPAA knowledge are integral for us.

Sahar Saghezchi
Cupertino Facial Esthetics

TruAdvantage was referred to us after I asked around in our network of businesses for a reputable IT company. I interviewed two other IT companies along with TruAdvantage. I was impressed by their processes, communication, and range of solutions. It was an easy decision and a good one. They have been our IT team since February of 2012.

Peace of mind: Having TruAdvantage as our IT partner for the past 11 years has impacted our company greatly. First and foremost, management has peace of mind about security. We have not had any security incidents, ransomware, etc . Staff are being trained and tested on a regular basis.

Top 3 I can list as the most impressive about TruAdvantage:

1. The team is extremely responsive with their live support and their dispatch process. They use metrics and take those metrics very seriously.
2. Staff are extremely intelligent, pleasant to interact with, and customer-driven. TruAdvantage management knows who and how to hire.
3. Their deep knowledge on Cybersecurity and physical security (they also manage our door system security)

Milad Shaeghi

Being a small medical practice with a limited budget, we feel like we have a full-time IT department at a fraction of the cost. Now we get 24/7 support and peace of mind for IT and Medical IT issues, which has led to zero downtime and lowered IT costs can't ask for more.
Their recommendations lowered our overhead costs resulting in savings over 30%.

Greg Hooper, Head Physician
Hooper Family Practice

TruAdvantage’s Seamless IT, EMR, and HIPAA support have made our practice flow and staff efficient and helped us reduce costs.

Brian Ha, Business Manager
Interventional Vascular Institute

We did a great deal of research in the Bay Area based on IT firm’s ratings, expertise, customer feedback and their process during sales. We narrowed it down to TruAdvantage. In hindsight, I am glad to say that was one of our best decisions. If you are looking for a reliable, responsive IT team that can not only solve your problems but help you with long-term strategy, go with TruAdvantage.

Joey Doe, Operations Manager

I am so glad our office uses TruAdvantage! Every technician I've encountered has always been able to address and fix any issues I may have in a timely manner and everyone is always so nice! I would certainly recommend!

Essence Caldwell
Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology

I am glad the company I work for uses TruAdvantage, before we did, IT was too slow to respond, Now, I have a new PC, it did not come with several services I need for work, and TruAdvantage helped me set up everything in a matter of minutes and even upgraded my system. This on the user level, but in the corporate level they helped our IT to setup an important server after they were moved to a new location.

Luis Martinez
Quanergy Solutions

On both IT tickets I submitted, I received a quick response and was able to get both issues resolved in a few minutes. The bell was knowledgeable and polite while handling the case.

David Hodgkins
Crocus Tecy

I gave an Awesome! rating to Helpdesk Team for Helpfulness, Knowledge, Response Time, Resolution Time, Proactiveness and Accuracy. Robert was FANTASTIC! He educated me on why I have been unable to change my own password in the past and how I could do it myself in the future. Total Game Changer! No one has ever explained why I was having to call in to have this done before, for like the last 5 years! I am SO Thankful for Roberts expert assistance and protectiveness! Thank you TruAdvantage team.

Michael Puente
Sterling Administration

Awesome job updating my computer. Always a quick response time and a very helpful team.

Lorrie Whetstone

TruAdvantage is high-quality IT support, and great customer service. They are responsive, reliable, and very knowledgeable. Our office has used TruAdvantage for over 10 years and are extremely happy with their service.

Elizabeth Fernandez
Vascular & Endo-Bascular Associates (VEVA)

My non-profit organization have known and have worked with TruAdvantage since 2012. They helped us migrate our 200 plus users to the cloud (office365) and implement a helpdesk process and an IT strategy. Highly professional, fun, organized and process-centric. But most importantly very customer-driven.

They truly become an extension of your company. A true IT partner that can impact your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and security. Highly recommended.

Alberto Garcia
Oshman Family JCC

As one of the leading security and compliance firms in the Bay Area, we have relied on TruAdvantage since 2016. Truadvantage has been the IT team we bring in for most of our clients between 30 to 200 staff.

We had a client who we did a very good job for, but unfortunately, it wasn’t successful because their IT department tried to implement our suggestions themselves. Their IT department blamed us, and we had to bring TruAdvantage in to show that client that their own IT department was failing. They really saved our image over there, and that client ended up firing their IT person. They relied on TruAdvantage from that point on to help them. After that, it benefited us to use them with our clients because they know exactly what security is.

They are very knowledgeable in IT and IT security. They are dedicated to our clients. We had a client who had an issue with their IT, and they came over the weekend and spent a few hours just to help them. We consider them more as an extension of our team rather than an external company. They are there for us every time we pick up the phone. Our clients who have worked with them have called and thanked us for referring them to TruAdvantage because of their response time and dedication.

Robert Roohparvar
Infoguard Security

In the last 6 months, TruAdvantage has resolve so many daily issues that we used to experience. We now have fast internet access, they replaced outdated computers, saved money for us by changing our Internet provider. We needed our website to be updated and gave Edgar a few suggestions well he did not disappoint us. "Home Run!!"
Thank you to the entire TruAdvantage team.

Aida Moss
Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates

TruAdvantage help desk has proven to be a great resource for those IT needs that are not urgent but still need a resolution within 24 hours. Those IT professionals responding to requests are knowledgeable and happy to educate me along with solution. A win win in my mind.

Alireza Haghshenas

As a small startup company that we were at 2002 Kayvan and the TruAdvantage team brought great IT competency to our organization. Their staff are dedicated, have high work ethics at a reasonable cost. Availability, competence and getting the job done correctly is the best features of their team.
They helped us save quite some cost by outsourcing our IT to their reliable team with access to multiple engineers and resources instead of hiring IT people. I would recommend TruAdvantage due to their capabilities, cost effectiveness and availability to get the job done and managing it thereafter correctly.

Al Piramoon, President & CEO
FIBERLite Centrifuge INC.

TruAdvantage has been with us since our foundation in 2004 and has helped us grow to 30 employees. Their expertise in both IT and healthcare IT has been the game changer for our practice, improving our staff efficiency, increasing cost savings and reaching worry-free HIPAA compliance. The team is easy to interact with, professional, fun and personable. They are truly part of our team.

Reza Malek, Co-Founder & Head Surgeon
Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions (MISS)

Kayvan and David, I’d like to thank you for the excellent work that you and your team performed to get my office converted to our new computers and to set them up on our network. This would have been an almost impossible job without your assistance. With your help, we were able to make the transition with almost no downtime. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.

Bradley Smith
Law offices of Bradley Smith

We are so glad that TruAdvantage helped us transition to a true backup and disaster recovery protection. It gives our management great peace of mind knowing that all of our data is safe and securely backed up in the cloud on a minute by minute basis. We haven’t had not even one minute of downtime Thanks to TruAdvantage’s business continuity solution. That has saved us thousands of dollars in revenue and downtime. Thanks for all your help.

David Mizrahi, CTO
Kern Radiology

Iman and his team have been our IT support at work for the last 12 years. They are able to handle many of our IT problems remotely so we can keep working with minimal disruption to our schedules. Sometimes this means addressing an issue immediately, and sometimes it means they're working late at night when we are out of the office so as not to disturb us during the workday. As a small business, we have always appreciated that Iman is willing and able to give us quick and personal attention, and that he and his team are understanding of our company's needs.

Shannon Penick
Santa Clara Retirement Methodist Foundation

As one of the top digital marketing and graphic and website design companies in the Bay Area, we heavily rely on fast response support, computers, printers, high speed network with minimal downtime. I contacted TruAdvantage in 2011 in my search of an IT partner who could help our staff with their daily issues reliably, automate more and minimize downtime. I also needed direction to utilize Cloud more and lower cost. And TruAdvantage exactly has delivered that since 2011.
TruAdvantage staff are fun and knowledgeable with a diverse expertise. No geek language, very process oriented, every responsive by following metrics. They have become a true partner for our business. We even call them for non IT issues sometimes (like what TV should I buy) and get their recommendation. Highly recommended especially if you want a trusted advisor to help you with daily IT issues and also overall IT direction and strategy.

Ali Tassavor, CEO & President
Nikalabs Digital Marketing

Before TruAdvantage as our IT advisor, my staff used to spend way too much time on IT issues. Now with their support and process my staff is way more productive and is back to the business of research and inventing great pharmaceutical products.

Joseph Dunn, President & CEO
EndogenX, Inc

Very responsive and personable team, and an IT team who speaks the healthcare language and bridges the gap between IT and medical practices.

Ken Trulson, Physician Assistant
IR Solutions

Switching from our previous IT vendor to TruAdvantage seemed like a daunting process but TruAdvantage addressed this concern from our initial meeting and made it very smooth. Four years later and I can assertively say choosing TruAdvantage has been one of my best business decisions.

Mohammad Shenasa, Executive & Cardiovascular Specialist
Southbay Cardio Vascular Group

My top 3 things about TruAdvantage:
1. The single biggest benefit is Security. Since we are a medical field office, our primary concern is securing patient’s files and account information. Second would be backup. Since most of our work is online it is important to have back up on all files electronic and non-electronic.
2. Customer service is excellent and dealing with our issue at a moment’s notice is beyond expectation.
3. I would highly recommend for them to try it out. they will see a big difference in the proficiency of work, the team itself and the care to their customer’s need.

Rhosel Dayrit, Practice Administrator
Neurospine Institute Medical Group

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