RBS IT Solutions has been providing end-to-end managed IT services to businesses in the Wichita area for over 10 years and our team brings several decades of combined experience. We are not your typical technology company and we pride ourselves on providing world-class IT services with the personal touch of a locally-owned business. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any size task no matter how large or small your business or project. We never take the “cookie-cutter” approach with our clients but instead tailor our IT solutions to fit our customers' needs and budget. Let RBS IT Solutions be the resolution to your complex IT challenges.

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Mathnasium of West Wichita is a small business and a fan of RBS IT Solutions work ethic. I choose RBS IT Solutions as my IT department every time, because they understand the struggles of small business. You may ask what the biggest benefit - well, when either I or my staff members has a technical support problem, RBS IT Solutions is always, extremely responsive. The technicians and other personnel at RBS IT Solutions are continuously professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. If you feel hesitant about RBS IT Solutions, don’t be; I would never go anywhere else for IT support, regardless of price. RBS IT Solutions is just that good.

Rick Conklin, Owner / Center Director
Mathnasium of West Wichita

As a small business owner I often wear many hats, however the convenience and affordability of RBS has made it possible to have one less thing on my plate. Their team is very knowledgeable, very professional, and available. When issues occur they are always readily available to help us and make us feel like their top priority. I can’t say enough positive things about them and the value it has added to my business. I would highly recommend RBS to everyone. Thank you Brandon and the entire RBS team for everything you do.

Nela Bayouth, Owner
Cedar Mills Property Management

I am a physician at Advanced Pain Associates and we have worked with Ribbit Business Solutions for 10 years. RBS helped us make a major move from our office on the west side of town to our current site. They showed up and made it work; thankfully coming in after-hours so they didn’t interfere with our daily work in the practice. RBS helped set up the software and transfer patient files over to the new facility, allowing us to stop working one day at the old place, and seamlessly transfer to our new location the next. Our goal in working with RBS was to get reliability out of our products, software and equipment, that is our exact experience making our transition smooth and our on-going partnership strong.
Outsourcing to Ribbit Business Solutions allows us to concentrate on taking care of patients and not worry about if our software or the computers are going to work. Our business is predicated on a very heavy IT environment and without it we basically can’t function. Ribbit Business Solutions really allows us to focus on our business and not worry about IT; we would recommend to anyone, let RBS take that burden from you as well.

Jon Parks, MD Physician
Advanced Pain Associates

We started with RBS when we wanted to overhaul our systems and network. It was clear from our first meeting that they understood our business needs and had excellent solutions to problems that we had with our current system. RBS spent the time to get the details right and put together a solution that was far more comprehensive than the other companies. They were not the lowest bid, but we believe that “you get what you pay for” and we know we will always be happy with RBS. Work was completed after hours, because RBS knows uptime is important for our business. They made the switch over to our new systems seamless and easy; we couldn’t be happier. Our employees immediately noticed the benefits of the new systems, because productivity and reliability has been improved. Their support is wonderful, and their response time is second to none.
We used in-house IT for years and had reservations about moving to an outside firm. We regret nothing, because we continue to save thousands in IT expenses compared to our previous monthly costs for in-house. If you’re looking for professional, knowledgeable and responsive IT services, RBS should be on your short list.

Daniel K. Back, Partner
Hutton and Hutton Law Firm, LLC.

RBS has been helping us since 2014 with our IT and computer needs, initially, we were incorporating a new database, and they were incredibly helpful. Shortly after that, we transferred to a new location and they’ve been our sole IT support since then. Some things we love about working with RBS is they’re extremely prompt, very polite, we usually have the same tech who visits, and they work very diligently until everything is completed. We feel they are an extension of our own service department.
When we had a power surge, our computers went down, and RBS was over here under 2 hours and got us running. With RBS, they will stay and work through some of our intricate, bizarre issues making sure that we are 100% functional before they leave.
If you’re not sure that you need an IT partner, you’re wrong, RBS has allowed us an enormous amount of ease in our own business, they’re a great partner, their techs follow everything thru. They’ve become an essential part of our business because we are able to take care of our clients and other more important tasks.

Aeramy K Porter, Partner
Paulseen Financial Group

I’ve been practicing law in Wichita for 45 years and using RBS since I opened my current office in 2012. We use RBS for all our electronic needs, in the past we had to outsource to separate entities for each of our needs: RBS is like a one call shop. I hired RBS to furnish the electronic equipment in my office. I explained to them what I expected, and they filled in the blank to give me the amenities I needed
What I like most about RBS is their prompt, knowledgeable, and efficient service. If my phones go down I’m out of business, if my network fails, if I can’t get on the internet to file with the court or correspond with clients, I’m out of business.
A couple years ago I had lightning travel the phone line to my house. The surge blew my modem, phones and copier. RBS came out and replaced all that the same day. Definitely call RBS, it’ll be the best call you can make.

Alex Mitchell, Owner / Attorney
Alex Mitchell Law Office P.A

Paris Construction is a family owned company that has been in business for over 20 years. We build hotels, strip malls, and restaurants; really anything that involves construction. We utilize Ribbit Business Solutions for our telephone, network and computers. I chose RBS for my company because they are fast, they pay attention to their customers, they are very easy to work with, they handle problems right away, and are just all around a good company.
The problem that led me to outsource my IT department to RBS was that the bigger companies didn’t pay attention to small accounts like mine. They like to cater to the bigger companies and as a small family owned business we needed someone that pays attention to us at our level. I’ve known Alex for a long time; they are based right here in Wichita, as is our company. With that in mind, what RBS does better than any other IT firm in town is in their focus on detail, their attention to clients; their product is just above and beyond what I ever expected and that speaks volumes for a fellow local company.

Auddie Cordero, Owner
Paris Construction, Inc.

We started our real estate business in 2013 and shortly thereafter realized we needed help with our IT. Before we found RBS, my husband was handling all of our own IT. It was time consuming, and we don’t have time to stay up to date with technology. RBS expedites our IT solutions which really allows us to focus on our business. Originally when partnering with RBS I just expected to get help with my IT, but really, they’ve provided much more than that.
Our favorite part of working with RBS is that they are willing to explain to me what they’re doing and how they’re handling my problem. I feel like they communicate to me in a way that I understand, and I appreciate that.
If you’re on the fence about using RBS I’d like you to know that i can always count on ribbit for a quick response., they’ve been very respectful, and they’re a great value. Also, I feel it’s very important to support a business local to Wichita.

Megan Feuerborn, Realtor
ICT Realty Group

The fact that Ribbit Business Solutions improved the efficiency and effort of archiving information on a very punctual basis for us is unparalleled. Ribbit Business Solutions is exceptionally better, at answering questions and explaining the process before installation, than any other IT firm we have worked with previously. I find them to be extremely trustworthy in all our dealings with them. When you schedule with Ribbit Business Solutions you can depend on them to be on time and courteous in an active working environment; with the bustling energy of a business comparable to ours that task may be difficult.

Rex Duncan, Owner
Aesthetic Aim Dental

IT upkeep delays our ability to grow; RBS freed my valuable time to attend to opportunities we have as a flourishing business. I can focus instead of fixing computers and IT problems. It takes me a day to solve one, while RBS can solve it right away. Uptime and our lives are better, because RBS is committed to community and businesses’ success, including ours. RBS is easy to contact, and they take care of our users. I can’t say what RBS does better than other IT firms, because I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Their dedication to businesses doing well can’t be replicated; it’s seen in their technicians and quality of services.
If you’re undecided: find a small project that you need solved, call RBS, work with them on 1 project and you’ll be convinced. I fought with a new server: I tried to solve a problem, I researched it and I could not seem to find a solution. When I called RBS, their Technician had it solved in 5 minutes. My time is very important to me and I would have saved 2 days’ worth of it if I had called RBS sooner. I am not the IT expert and that is why I am moving forward with RBS.

David Sasson, President

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