Marco, Inc.

Marco, Inc.
Technology is a different animal. It can be expensive. Hard to wrap your head around. Overwhelming to keep up with. And yet it's usually critical to the success of your business. It's not the kind of purchase you make once and forget about. Because like your business, it's always changing. That's why choosing the right technology provider is so important. At Marco, we know how immense and fluid technology can feel. So we do everything we can to match you up with the right technology and keep it running smoothly day in and day out. We'll keep an eye out for products and processes that could save you precious time and money. And, we'll help you avoid the ones that won't. We're big enough to offer you premium quality and selection. And we're small enough to give you personalized service... grounded in Midwestern values. As your technology partner, we offer you the perfect mix of both worlds.
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45+ SME LE VMwareMicrosoft 100

City of Rockford

How would you manage 45 print machines across multiple locations? The City of Rockford had to solve that problem.

Sweet Harvest Foods

If your company had an overnight merger and suddenly grew twice its size, how would your IT department keep up?

Quinlivan & Hughes

When presented with Marco’s new shred opportunity, Quinlivan & Hughes considered the option, although they already had […]

Northwestern Mutual

Scanning is key to their effective business operations. So, when Northwestern Mutual’ s copier lease was nearing […]

VoIP, DaaS, Data Storage, Hyper-convergence, Managed IT... and 6 more
VMware, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, EMC², +8 […] more
St. Cloud, United States
Branches: Montoursville and 50 more

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One of the things we found remarkably helpful with Marco was the transition period. We had very few complaints about too long of a down time or inconvenience, which is huge when you are dealing with about a thousand people who are using these machines daily.
We know that they have our best interests at heart, and with them it’s just as important to them as it is to us. There is a mutual respect and a mutual understanding of our goals.

Xavier Whitford
The City of Rockford

For us to be able to make data-driven decisions with the data that Marco provides has been the best long-term solution that we’ve had.

Dave Ehlers
Weston County School District #1

The whole live answer thing is huge. We picked Marco out of the pack because the people involved had the right mentality on what Managed Services were supposed to be. I knew I would have a team of people ready to answer the phones.

Charlie Kavaloski
Bauer Built Tire

Zach McBride (Account Manager) keeps following up with us to make sure everything is going smoothly – he is personable, knowledgeable and very responsive. We are extremely pleased with our decision to take our business to Marco!

Connie Snitker, Executive Director of Technology Operations
Mount Mercy University

Marco has the VoIP expertise to meet and exceed expectations. This is one of the biggest technology projects we’ve had in the last five or six years, and it was the smoothest implementation we’ve had. That says a lot about their capabilities.

Al Meyers, Director of Information Services
Douglas Machine

As Marco addresses our day to day routine maintenance issues, it frees up more time for me to focus on more project-oriented activities. Our users are also getting a quicker response to their issues. The response we receive from Marco is faster and more efficient.

Joe Igo, IT Manager
GP Companies

Marco has been a fantastic resource for structuring our deployment plan and in their overall support. They've been instrumental in helping us get the most out of M-Files. We used to have separate filing cabinets for each business unit and we were spending a lot of time and effort managing documentation for accounts payable. The ability for us to manage the approval process for all business units via M-Files' workflow capabilities has resulted in a significant time savings.

Chad Bresnahan
Sinner Bros. & Bresnahan

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