At ADITS, we implement progressive technology solutions which enables your business to achieve its mission. We are an internationally recognized Managed Service Provider, currently supporting over 5700 users. ADITS specialised team of 30 have the capability to support any company, in any industry, Queensland wide.
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It is nice to have a support team that 'supports'. I have also had many comments from other staff on how easy it is to deal with the ADITS team to resolve their issues.

Donna Leijen
Grady Homes

We are a regional, independent school, requiring a unique solution to meet the IT challenges in our education environment. Due to difficulties in attracting and maintaining qualified IT staff on premise, we sought an external vendor to assist us. ADITS understands the platforms available, child safety and security required for a school and can provide advice on which solutions can best protect our school. I can rest easy knowing that all devices are monitored, and any breaches reported and actioned. ADITS provides us with an end to end solution from device selection to rollout, only possible from their education sector knowledge.

A key differentiator of the ADITS service is the reporting capabilities. Knowing that we have access to information and the capability to see our network in real time allows us to identify what areas we need to focus student and staff training/learning towards. It also gives us the ability to review wireless saturation to assist us to balance classrooms and network traffic to eliminate downtime.

Since working with ADITS and our internet providers, our uptime has been incredible, and our service-level agreement has been met on 90% of all occasions. This is directly the result of ADITS working during holiday periods to ensure major IT works do not impact the system functionality or school day.

One of the most memorable experiences with ADITS was during the North Queensland floods of 2019. We needed onsite assistance urgently and ADITS worked with us to get a technician here, even though the roads were closed. One helicopter ride and a pickup later, we had a technician here to service us. This occurred on three occasions across a 10-day period. Now that is service.

I have a tremendous level of respect for the ADITS Team, who will always look to provide a solution and exhaust all avenues to find one. Our school technician delivers a great service and understands our site intimately. The Helpdesk staff are friendly, welcoming and listen to the information you are providing, then redirect to find a solution, no matter what. The service delivery manager is always touching base to ensure we are getting what we pay for and if there is something more they can do for us. The service we receive is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the ADITS Team and their passion to deliver the best IT solution to all customers.

In my view they have the runs on the board, and I would highly recommend them to other customers.

Lance Wassmuth
Blackheath & Thornburgh College

All ADITS staff that have been assigned to assist me have always been very helpful, welcoming and not afraid to have a bit of a laugh. I understand how difficult IT can be and how some organisations can be very testing for IT services, so I am more then happy to commend the ongoing support we receive from ADITS, particularly my Account Manager, despite the ongoing stresses caused by COVID-19. Thank you!

Jessie Taylor
Independent Advocacy NQ

We are really appreciative of the support in the transition to implement COVID-19 measures and changes to our service delivery models.

Glenda Jones Terare
Kurbingui Youth Development

We began using ADITS when living in Bowen in 2006 and have never looked back. As our IT provider, we receive an all-encompassing service, with no effort required on our end. We can call and have even the slightest issue sorted immediately, resulting in less stress and downtime.

The staff are extremely professional and retain information about each specific business and their needs, as well as the finer, more personable touches such as staff members names. The service is carried out quickly, with no stress and a calming presence from the ADITS staff.

When travelling internationally, I still require remote access for work. Whilst having issues with my remote login, I called ADITS on a Friday afternoon with one-minute left until close. A staff member spent over an hour fixing the issue remotely, all while keeping me calm by discussing my travel plans with me. Their ability to build rapport and have small talk whilst fixing issues has always been a talking point amongst our staff.

We understand that IT and technology is advancing at a rapid rate. ADITS would recommend and research all hardware and software requirements for us to operate effectively and efficiently. This was not limited to only IT related infrastructure, as ADITS provides the latest information and advice on all IT requirements within the psychology sector of the health industry to ensure we remain compliant. ADITS is a proactive provider, scheduling maintenance outside of our work hours, as they understand the difficulties and urgency of significantly unwell people requiring immediate care and attention by our staff. I therefore recommend ADITS to other health service providers so they can focus on learning, training and practicing, whilst ADITS take care of their IT.

Christine O'Connor, Director
Life Giving Psychology & Coaching

ADITS was chosen by our school to offer a comprehensive IT service to a large system and network, servicing 1000 students and 170 staff members. We wanted a flexible daily service to meet the needs and IT urgencies of our school, as well as a booking system to saturate support at key times, so we could provide quality teaching and learning from the commencement of each year and term.

At the beginning of 2018, the ADITS team saturated support to have mobile labs, standalone labs, interactive whiteboards and numerous computers for teachers, ready for day 1. This required the setup of over 130 devices within our school. The service meant that we were able to operate from the commencement of the year with our devices, with no down time for these resources or delays for our teaching staff. Without the team from ADITS, this would have taken a significant number of weeks and they were able to complete the work to an outstanding quality within 2-3 working days.

ADITS’ service allows us to respond, source and sought emerging issues with IT, and collaborate with the help-desk appropriately and timely. Problems are not shelved and instead the ADITS approach allows for systems, devices and any other problems to be resolved, quickly and effectively.

We have found the customer service delivery to be outstanding. The team work as part of our school team and are personable, approachable and provide troubleshooting which then builds the capacity of staff to fix minor issues.

This is now the second school that I have worked with using ADITS, and I find the service to successfully meet the daily and emergent IT challenges in a school context. I highly recommend ADITS to others who are wanting a consistent, flexible and friendly service and an assurance that the technicians are qualified orange card holders and their work, quality assured.

Helen McCullough, Principal
The Willows State School

At Ruddy Tomlins & Baxter, the success of our company and the service we provide is largely determined by access to information & the security of our systems. For us to provide an efficient service in a secure, digital workplace we needed IT support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADITS are local people whom we trust. At any time of the week I can call & have someone immediately recognise the issue, because they know us, they know our systems and we know them.

During a transition between internet providers, our data was disconnected for 10 days. ADITS immediately sent our designated technical consultant to install a temporary 4G solution, allowing us to continue working during that period. This gave us 10 days of trading with internet and email that we otherwise would have been without, with the dollar value of this time being significant.

As our IT provider, ADITS continue to deliver immediate solutions with minimal downtime. They offer fantastic advice with excellent consideration for all aspects of future planning for digital technologies. We are guaranteed the security of our information always, with this being our top priority as a legal firm.

The staff have a fantastic work culture and is comprised of honest people with recognisable values, ensuring excellent, no-nonsense customer service every time. They are personable by providing a dedicated accounts manager and technical consultant, so I know who I will be speaking to when I call. This further adds to the security of our information and allows us to build trust with the team.

I will continue to recommend ADITS to other companies, particularly legal firms, for their service, staff and above all else, security. They continue to provide fantastic value for money, with the flexibility to deal with all issues. ADITS are a fantastic example of locals leading in their industry.

Matt Baxter, Director
Ruddy Tomlins and Baxter

ADITS have continued to provide a great service in the very difficult IT environment that is demanded by the Accounting industry. A number of software packages are required to be constantly running and they all appear to come with their own IT issues. The team are both competent and accommodating in finding effective solutions for our practice.

ADITS have a good work culture and we have formed strong relationships with many of the long-term staff. I would recommend ADITS to other Accounting Practices as we have successfully ironed out our IT issues with them over the years and they would be within their rights to promote their specialist knowledge of the industry’s IT demands.

Anthony Ponti, Principal
Ponti Partners

ADITS are best described as an invested business partner. They are primarily engaged as the first responder for all staff enquiries regarding any computer, phone or network access issues. Additionally, they give us 24-hour on call service for emergencies and facilitate the coordination of all matters requiring attention from specific product providers.

In our search for an IT provider, we needed a competent, locally based service that could offer long-term networking solutions at multiple sites, as well as real time system management. We deliver acute care to the aged, so it essential these services operate as intended and with a very high level of reliability – ADITS have been integral to our capacity to deliver.

Due to the new demands for fully integrated computer services, our network is quite complex. We require the integration of nurse call, fire, phone, device and the operation of separate sites, as well as remote access and bespoke software solutions for over 500 users. Above all, lives are at stake. Thankfully, the systems are now so well supported that the need for ADITS to come onsite is very rare. However, when required, they do, which is exactly what we need in a rural and remote location. This gives our staff and residents comfort in knowing that the problem is not being passed around – it is being owned and resolved.

I believe that technology within the aged care industry is going to continue to accelerate. I therefore recommend ADITS as the expertise that can properly relate the finer application of technology for real people, whilst respecting a business’ need to meet expectations of a very wide range of stakeholders, including federal agencies. Our whole service is directed to the care of our resident. We want to do that together with all our stakeholders and do that with excellence, everyday. ADITS have embraced our residents as their motivating priority, brilliantly. Their timely support and service structure fully supports our residents’ care and independence.

Jim Collins, General Manager
Lower Burdekin Home for the Aged Society

Before we began with ADITS, we had several issues with our systems, particularly involving the connectivity between several of our office locations and the use of outdated equipment. When ADITS began to service Townsville, we thought we would give them a try and have been very happy with our decision, as our initial problems were solved instantly and our systems have continued to improve immensely.

Our business relationship with the ADITS team is excellent. All our staff have daily onsite support as well as remote support via the helpdesk and we are very happy with the service we receive every time. The staff make me feel comfortable and never afraid to ask the silly questions, as I personally don’t know the technical IT jargon. This makes my job much easier and ensures we are provided with a suitable solution.

We at Centacare would definitely recommend ADITS to both companies within the social services industry and not-for-profit organisations. They understand our industry and legislations and work with us to provide the most cost-effective and reliable systems possible. We are proud to work with and support ADITS as a local, North Queensland grown business.

Tricia Newman
Centacare North Queensland

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