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The Lloyd Group
Lloyd Group is a technology consulting firm that combines personalized, hands-on management of small and medium-sized IT infrastructures with expertise in leveraging technology to achieve business goals. Lloyd Group brings harmony to technology and business management, just as the world's largest professional services firms do for the Fortune 500.

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Skurnik Wines has been a Lloyd partner for over 20 years, and I can say without hesitation that the combination of Lloyd Group and our internal IT staff has allowed our business to grow more than 7x, both in terms of sales volume and head count. Lloyd has built an infrastructure that has provided for that growth and has kept us current with the changes in technology over that window of time in a very measured and reasonable approach. Their staff works seamlessly with ours, always in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Lloyd was there for us. We pulled our servers out of our Long Island offices and set them up on site at Lloyd’s NYC offices and we were back in business in a number of hours. When COVID struck, we needed to react to a rapidly changing workplace environment. What Lloyd did prior to the pandemic, which included virtualizing servers, moving apps to the cloud, and making sure our network security and DR plans were up to date, allowed us to nimbly transition from onsite operations to remote operations literally overnight. I cannot overstate how vital that was to the continuance of our business. Through their proactive approach to cybersecurity, to their ability to ensure our business posture can adapt to sudden changes; Lloyd has been integral to our strategic growth.

Jim Leskody, CFO
Skurnik Wines

Lloyd has been with us for over 16 years, and every time Lloyd has evolved, we have evolved. From helpdesk to infrastructure upgrades, Lloyd has allowed us to meet the exceeding demands of our industry. They focus on the success of their clients through the advantages that technology delivers. In 2012, we became a Registered Investment Adviser, and Lloyd implemented a whole new set of business requirements including cybersecurity, Microsoft 365 integration, and migrating everything to the cloud.
The team has been very proactive in executing the latest in technology, which has proven to bring innovation and sustainability to Spire Capital. Specifically focusing on cybersecurity, Lloyd has driven our security posture forward allowing us some peace of mind, especially considering the sensitive nature of our industry.
What I admire most about Lloyd is that they’re always looking out for our best interest, but it never feels forced. They recommend new technology that they know will benefit us and enhance our business model, and they allow us to have the final say. I’m grateful that Spire Capital and Lloyd Group are in partnership.

Don Stewart, Partner, CFO & CCO
Spire Capital

As a busy law firm, we do everything possible to avoid any downtime to our workflow. In the past, we’ve experienced system crashes and those times have been extremely stressful. Thanks to the Lloyd Group, we feel confident that our security solutions will limit any business interruption. We’ve been in partnership with Lloyd for almost 15 years and they continue to implement new tools, educate our staff, and enhance our security posture year after year. Additionally, Lloyd knows we want to keep our IT infrastructure updated – we need the best tools to service our clients! We did a massive upgrade in 2015 and we’re currently doing it again in 2022.
The biggest thing that stands out about the Lloyd team is that they stay true to their brand promise of responsiveness. The attention we receive and how quickly our requests are answered has truly been a game changer for us. This was the biggest missing link with our previous MSP. During the pandemic, Lloyd was a lifesaver! Lloyd ensured that our entire staff was up and running remotely in record time. I’ve spoken to many people in my network and I’ve heard some horror stories. I’m so grateful we had a seamless experience with Lloyd. In short, I’m a big Lloyd fan - they truly care and they don’t stop until things get done!

Gina Haas, Director of Administration
Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP

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