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Top 5 Microsoft Conferences for 2022

In the past two years, most Microsoft centric events were cancelled or moved online due to Covid. While online events helped events stay relevant and was an efficient option for some, we believe in-person events have clear advantages, as they provide a better networking experience, hands-on testing of new technologies and most importantly, face to[…] Read

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Microsoft 365 Licensing

Navigating the multiple licensing options within Microsoft 365 is becoming more complex as the platform continues to evolve. In recent years, Microsoft 365 has been adding new features and apps at an incredible pace while continuously updating the licensing options available. When facing doubts or the need to compare, there is a very useful site[…] Read

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Powershell script: Redirects Office 365 mailboxes

PowerShell script to list all forwards and redirects from all Office 365 mailboxes. Kieran Walsh created this highly recommendable PowerShell script to check if a customer’s Office 365 was compromised and sent emails to external accounts.

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The 3 different types of MSPs

A managed service provider, also known by its MSP acronym, offers to be the IT department for multiple companies at once, working remotely, and for a fixed monthly cost. Pricing options offered by MSPs are usually based on the number of employees they will be supporting in each company; this approach allows small and medium-sized businesses to reduce[…] Read

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Log4j: Vulnerability Diagram

Great diagram of the vulnerability and how to prevent it on each of the stages. Full article here.

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Main MSP Services for 2022

Companies have traditionally relied on internal departments to manage their IT needs. Typically, any average IT department will be staffed with IT administrators, technical support and system engineers that will take care of anything to do with IT. However, small and medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to employ a dedicated IT team, sometimes[…] Read

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Top 5 Most Offered Services by MSPs

Predicting the future is tricky. You only need to look at Covid, who saw that coming, right? So, in this article instead of guessing the future, we decided to go the easy way and look back into what has happened in 2021 so far. By digging some solid data that can help understand which of[…] Read

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Microsoft Threat Protection Products Renamed

We are yet to see the paint dry from the last product renaming round, yet here comes Microsoft’s threat protection suite with a new batch of names for us to digest. Old Azure Sentinel is now called Microsoft Sentinel, following the same trend seen with Office 365 and a bunch of other products. If you[…] Read

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Digital Transformation with Managed Cyber Security Services

Digital transformation is necessary for businesses, but it comes with security challenges. Read this blog to find out how managed security services enable it. Enabling The Digital Transformation With Managed Security Services Business owners across all industries are rushing to breathe new life into their companies through digital transformation initiatives. For many, this used to be only[…] Read

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Top Cybersecurity Conferences for 2022

Many events and conferences were cancelled and moved online since Covid came about. However, as me move toward 2022, most cybersecurity conferences are making an in-person comeback. It’s still early, and some dates may be rescheduled but I wanted to go ahead and pick what I believe will be the top ones nevertheless. So below,[…] Read

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