Top 5 Microsoft Conferences for 2022

In the past two years, most Microsoft centric events were cancelled or moved online due to Covid. While online events helped events stay relevant and was an efficient option for some, we believe in-person events have clear advantages, as they provide a better networking experience, hands-on testing of new technologies and most importantly, face to face interaction is still the best way to build a partnership and business relationships.
In 2022, conferences are returning in force with traditional in-person formats, and here at Cloudtango, we wanted to list what we believe will be the most interesting Microsoft conferences for 2022.

Top Microsoft Centric Events 2022
  1. SQLBits
    March 8, 2022.
    London, UK.
    Network, develop and share your data knowledge at THE conference for leading data professionals. SQLBits is the largest Data Platform conference with over 300 sessions over 5 days. Born out of the hunger to share the latest developments, solutions and best practice, whilst forming a network of data professionals behind some of the most exciting developments on the Modern Data Platform.
  2. Microsoft 365 Conference
    April 5, 2022.
    Las Vegas, USA.
    The convergence of cloud and AI open entire new worlds of opportunities to achieve new capabilities, but also a lot of new technologies to learn. Whether you are a born in the cloud developer looking to increase your AI capabilities, or a data scientist looking to understand how to build powerful AI in the cloud using the tools you already know and love or if you are a data engineer with some expertise in both, but want to learn about the latest in cutting edge approaches, the Azure + AI conference is the one place you can attend that will help you tie the Azure and AI together in order to build amazing AI powered solutions.
  3. Microsoft Inspire
    July 14, 2022. Las Vegas, USA.
    Discover new possibilities at Microsoft Inspire. Microsoft’s largest partner event of the year, focused on Microsoft Cloud and the opportunities it provides for partners. Final dates may change.
  4. European Cloud Summit 2022
    September 26, 2022. Mainz, Germany.
    The European Cloud Summit is a premium European technology conference, focused on Microsoft Azure, and current cloud topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, and business and technology aspects alike.
  5. South Coast Summit
    October 14, 2022. Southampton, UK.
    A Microsoft Cloud Technology Community Conference, focusing on the Microsoft stack. A completely free-of-charge two-day event for professional people working with Microsoft technology. It focuses on all three pillars of the Microsoft platform: Business Applications, Modern Workplace and Azure.

The above list sums up our top selection but there are a lot more Microsoft conferences worth your attention you can find here.

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango