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Andromeda Technology Solutions
IT Support | IT Managed Services | Co-Managed | Network Management Our best solutions are for medium-sized businesses in the Midwest (IL, IN, WI, MI, OH, KY, MO, IA). Technology should just work - simple as that. Our team works to help our clients get more out of their technology to increase productivity, get rid of constant break/fix issues and to provide proactive guidance for technology. Using best solutions for your business, including... Azure Microsoft HyperV Huntress Threatlocker and many more Our IT-centric services concentrate on proactive service/maintenance, disaster recovery/data backup solutions, cloud support, and enhanced network security.


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Virtualization, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, Domain Hosting... and 9 more
Webroot, SonicWall, Ruckus, Microsoft, Kaseya, +3 […]
Lockport, United States

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Andromeda Technology Solutions is our IT service provider. They provide network, email, and antivirus support.
Years ago, they set up our email servers through Webmail, and until recently they’ve provided maintenance support.

They also set up our domain name system (DNS), routers, firewalls, security, and antivirus software. We’ve even bought servers from them.

Now, they send someone to our office to work on-site a few times a week too. Plus, I call them anytime we have a technical problem and need their help.
We’ve had very few problems over the years, but whenever we have faced an issue, Andromeda Technology Solutions has been able to fix it on-site or remotely. For example, one time our emails were being marked as spam. Within a few days, Andromeda Technology Solutions moved us to a new server with our own IP address to fix the issue.
I am blown away by their responsiveness. At any time, I can pick up the phone and call their president. If he doesn’t answer, he gets back to me very quickly.

Chris Elder
Interdom LLC

As a vendor that works in multiple client systems, we have a complex web of IT and infrastructure needs. I’ve had bad luck in the past with IT vendors, largely on the customer service side of things. I was looking for a team that could handle our complexity, scale with us, and provide friendly customer service.
We engaged Andromeda Technology Solutions for a managed service contract to handle our ongoing IT needs. We’re a fully remote company and we were exiting an IT relationship that was quite negative. There wasn’t a vendor to vendor hand-off, so Andromeda needed to figure everything on their own.

Andromeda rose to the challenge and set realistic expectations. The team facilitated a very successful transition. On a day-to-day basis, they give us fractional CTO style advice on our tech stack, projects, and build-out.

We’re currently working on creating a remote environment for our servers. They’re also taking a look at our internal tech infrastructure from Google Calendar, SharePoint, and file repository standpoints.
They did a good job of getting to know us and our needs. They deliver what they say they’re going to do. The team has implemented solutions that have made our lives easier on a day-to-day basis.

The solutions are typically more cost-effective than what we’d been using in the past. I get better service, better communication, and a better tech stack, all while saving money. I don’t know what they could be doing better. They’ve been fantastic.
I’d give them a ten out of ten. They’re on weekly meetings and they show up very organized. The team has an itinerary and they also send out summaries. There are very few delays or unexpected changes. When there are changes, they’re on top of communicating and recalibrating expectations.

They’ve got a portal for us where we can source tickets, see updates, and communicate. We also communicate via phone and email. Their communication has been the best part. The way they effectively explain how the relationship is going to go is excellent.

John Gwin
The Auctus Group

Our company had used Andromeda before I started working here. We then switched to a different technology services provider. Then, about a year and a half ago, we talked to the Andromeda team to take over our tech support needs again. From there, we contacted their representatives and explained the things we wanted them to cover, such as the day-to-day technology, software, and security management.

After that, they tailored their services to what we needed. We didn’t necessarily need a team to be available 24/7, but we needed someone who could manage specific technical issues that might arise.

At present, we use Andromeda’s services to manage all of our IT-related requirements and day-to-day needs. For instance, they help manage our software issues and assist us in onboarding new employees. I also communicate directly with them to oversee our data security and things like that.

We’ve also been working on our Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certification, a certification that proves our business has undergone an audit to demonstrate our business and practices as far as data and cybersecurity go.
Compared to the other teams we’ve dealt with in the past, Andromeda’s response times are extremely fast. If I need them to look at something right away, I can tell them that it’s time-sensitive. Then, their team will work on it within an hour if not sooner. That directly relates to any downtime that we might have. Essentially, our consultants don’t have significant downtimes because Andromeda is always able to fix whatever issue we have in a quick manner.

Jordan Pfaff

Andromeda supports all of our clinical and business workstations; they also support our connectivity at a professional building. We connect to their network and also have our own servers for maintaining data and information within our surgery centers. Moreover, the team collaborates with our medical record vendor to ensure we have the support and connectivity needed to keep our electronic medical records running.

State and federal laws require us to maintain an archive of medical records, so Andromeda also supports us there. Overall, they make sure that our staff has the accessibility and functionality that we need while working in the office and during the after-hours when working remotely.

Andromeda has also purchased and installed hardware for us. They recommend what equipment to get, and we decide on a budget. The team also ensures that everything they purchase, install, or implement is functional. We either call them and collaborate remotely or they visit us on-site as needed. They’ve previously visited us every Monday to troubleshoot issues, but as we build stability, we’ve decreased our need for in-person support.

In addition to that, they maintain our firewalls and send out random tests to assess our weaknesses. They’re also involved in our policy development with the current standards and requirements to ensure our HIPAA compliance, which protects our patient health information.
Andromeda’s response times are immediate whether on the weekend or a weekday. While we don’t track any other specific metrics, we’re truly satisfied with them as a vendor. We also experience no issues. Overall, they’ve exceeded our expectations.
Their responsiveness, follow-through, and quality of work are impressive.

Katherine Carlson
Rush SurgiCenter

Andromeda Technology Solutions fulfills our IT needs. They first updated our website, which was very outdated. The team modernized it and applied new website copy, which I provided. Afterward, they upgraded our entire system by setting up new servers and improving our firewall.

Andromeda Technology Solutions continues to maintain our servers and monitor our security system. If they find any holes in our firewall, they upgrade it accordingly to increase our protection.

In terms of our hardware, the Andromeda Technology Solutions team is in charge of acquiring and assembling them on-site. They also manage our phone system and set up our phone lines.
The Andromeda Technology Solutions team has done a great job of working in an organized manner.

In terms of communication, we initially contacted the team leads if we had any issues. Now we just submit tickets via email, and they’re very responsive. If we need to call them, we do.
Andromeda Technology Solutions has been a very valuable partner to us — we’re not technically savvy, but they’re always willing to work through things with us. The team has never made us feel stupid, and they patiently wait for us to understand what they’re doing.

Karen Rouse
Plainfield Surgery Center

We recognized that we needed a more robust technical solution to ensure we were properly safeguarding our devices and the data we work with every day. Our goal was to establish a networked solution to carefully control access to our environment and devices. In addition, we were after a fully outsourced IT solution that also delivered asset management, ongoing monitoring, and patching along with technical support.
Andromeda Technology Solutions (Andromeda) developed a networked solution for us that leveraged the Microsoft 365 suite, including Office 365, MS Azure Active Directory, and Intune. The main solution is now in place, and all of our PC’s are encrypted and leverage Andromeda’s security stack. Our next objective is to roll out our mobile solution that will allow resources to securely access Outlook Web through their smartphone whether it’s a personally-owned or company-provided device.
I routinely check in with members of the ClearCourse team every other week to ask how their experience has been with Andromeda, including the implementation process or any contact they had with Andromeda’s support desk. The consistent feedback I’ve received is that the Andromeda staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. When a service ticket is submitted, a technician provides support directly to them within a reasonable amount of time.
The overall communication was good. I felt that they did an effective job of organizing the work and keeping abreast of different challenges as they arose. Also, they helped articulate a plan that made sense and made the necessary adjustments when things didn’t go according to plan. We were in regular contact, and they would let me know what the next steps were and what the general turnaround time would be to complete each step. In turn, that really helped me with the change management aspects of the transition with the rest of my organization.

Kevin McDonald
ClearCourse Consulting

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