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Annodata managed the main pinch points across the infrastructure, before ensuring a seamless user experience, including standardised Wi-Fi shared between sites. Annodata has also implemented a 24-hour IT service desk, to resolve any ICT issues that our customers or staff are experiencing, efficiently and promptly. We also recently integrated Office 365 across the business. This is yet another part of our business that Annodata has transformed, enabling our staff to use any of the applications that they need wherever they are, using any device.
Since implementation, Annodata has addressed UCC Coffee’s main concern about futureproofing our ICT infrastructure. Additionally, the service that Annodata has provided has been such a success that it has been recognised by UCC Europe (UCCE) on a Pan-European level. We hope to extend our solution further to capitalise on what we’ve built and bring in other overseas territories onto a UCCE scalable platform. This will help support customers on a Pan-European level.
With a serviced, scalable platform for growth, we’ve underpinned the foundations of our business strategy, and have found a partner to support UCC Coffee’s growth. The improvement in our ICT infrastructure has led to an improvement in our relationships with our customers, as it has enabled us to provide a faster, more responsive and collaborative service to run our operations with greater efficiency.

Adam Cove, Head of IT
UCC Coffee UK & Ireland

We have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of paper and ink we order in, which has generated significant savings for us. This is largely due to the functionality of the MFDs and Annodata’s expertise in helping us realise the potential of the solution.
We have previously worked with vendors who have had their own preferred partners and often found that they would not work with our systems and software. However, Annodata understood our needs and focused on our requirements rather than pushing us to a particular brand they preferred.

Philip Finnemore, Network Manager
The Rochester Grammar School

The introduction of the Annodata print management solution has enabled us to successfully reduce the number of calls about printers by over 50%, which is an incredible achievement. We are truly delighted with how the innovative Annodata solution has enabled us to improve our service, as well as generate huge cost savings for the School.
Annodata took the time to understand the challenges we faced and, through working collaboratively with its Professional Services team, we now have a solution that caters to our specific needs and has revolutionised our printing infrastructure.

Jon Faulkner, CIO
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

We have previously worked with vendors who have had their own preferred partners and often found that they would not work with our systems and software. However, Annodata understood our needs and focused on our requirements rather than pushing us to a particular brand they preferred. Going forward, we want to centralise print management at the Trust to operate similarly to a multinational corporation, with each school reporting back to one centralised network. This will make yearly budget reviews easier, saves our time and most importantly reduces overall costs and paper waste. We are glad that we have found Annodata as partners, who have this expertise and are delivering solutions that are helping us to achieve this.

Philip Finnemore, Network Manager
Thinking Schools Academy Trust

Layers of the project were implemented from the ground up with hardware first, MFDs then printers and finally the software and service application layer. Annodata’s helpful and proactive service has helped Stewarts Law to improve quality and be more efficient. They have a fundamental understanding of core technology and everything has been very well delivered. Their recommendations have worked fantastically well.

Head of IT
Stewarts Law

Not only have print costs decreased but we have also reduced the amount of paper used, enabling additional savings. This is largely due to the functionality of the MFDs and Annodata’s expertise in helping us realise the potential of the solution.
Put simply, Annodata demonstrated a willingness to listen to our requirements and the flexibility to adapt solutions to accommodate our ideas. Our partnership continues to develop.

Barry Wilson, Technical Services Manager
West Herts College

The decision to choose Annodata was driven by a combination of service and cost considerations. Whereas previously we had used a paper-based ticketing system for employees to request printing jobs, now they can do so via a web-based process. Details of the job are sent electronically to the print room and the employee receives an email telling them when their documents will be ready for collection. Not only does this save employees a lot of time but it gives a full audit trail of the printing that has been requested and completed; we know exactly how many jobs have been carried out and what the nature of these jobs was.
Annodata were the only company to include finishing processes in their proposal. This was key as it enabled us to create a single service platform to produce all collateral and the resulting documents all look uniform and professional.

Their expertise enables us to keep pace with the ever-changing world of print, and having just one point of contact for all of our queries means that they are answered quickly and accurately.

In addition, Annodata helped us to effectively communicate how our processes were going to change to our employees. We had a print room launch to advertise the new facilities and procedures and this was a great success. It is inevitable when changing working methods that there will be some initial resistance, but Annodata helped us to effectively manage that, and now it’s agreed that the facilities are a huge asset to our company.

Cheryl Remsbury, Site Services Manager
SAS Software

We now have a more efficient telephone system and a detailed idea of our performance levels regarding queue times and call resolution.
We asked Annodata to also assess our mobile phone contract and, again, they came up with a better deal for us that offers greater flexibility and saves us money.
Annodata’s service is prompt and professional; we always get a quick, detailed response to any query. It’s this level of feedback that helps us make intelligent, informed decisions – to the benefit of our company but also our residents.

Nurul Miah
Kensington & Chelsea TMO

Annodata’s style of collaborative management has come into its own recently because the Agency will shortly be relocating. Annodata’s support will be invaluable in managing change and ensuring business as usual. There is always a very clear two-way dialogue, and Annodata is respectful of our culture whilst still able to introduce us to new ways of working. Annodata’s vendor-independence is a real advantage. We know that solutions they suggest will be right for us, rather than designed to fit a certain machine. In short, Annodata has become a real part of the team.

Nigel Gomeze
European Medicines Agency

We feel that Annodata is an organisation that we can work confidently with. We can speak to the Annodata team and set out our requirements in the knowledge that they will deliver the most appropriate solution. It’s a great partnership.

Chris Geary
Commercial Services Kent

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