M6iT Consulting

M6iT Consulting
M6iT is a business driven technology provider, offering affordable and fixed cost IT solutions, including: proactive device management, employee life cycle support, onboarding/offboarding, MDM deployment, automation, service procurement, and IT consulting for small and mid-sized businesses in the New York area.

We are an industry-leading IT solutions partner, managing the IT requirements for a full range of diverse companies. We share a common objective of increased employee productivity, scalability and ROI. M6iT Consulting is simple: We enable our clients to scale efficiently by providing the best-in-class tools to streamline their infrastructure and IT management. You'll typically see an overall savings of 40-60%.

Some services we offer:
On-Demand Support
... Services with proactive management
Employee Life Cycle Support
Onboarding / Offboarding Management
IT Automation Deployment and Management
SAAS Application Deployment and Management
MDM Deployment and Management
Email Migration “To” or “From” Office 365 or Gsuite (Google Workspace)
Migration of Local Servers to Cloud
Apple Deployment Services
Windows Deployment Services
Network Deployment Services
Infrastructure Security Solutions
Email Security and Backup Solutions
Azure, Google, and AWS Cloud Server Solutions
Remote Office Solutions and management
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions

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Web Development, Hosted Exchange, GCP, ERP, Email Security... and 21 more
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New York, United States
Branches: New York

M6iT Consulting Reviews

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"M6iT is very responsive, they came prepared to do what needed to be done. They are knowledgeable and reasonably priced."

Norman Balassiano, CMA

"M6iT has been a valuable resource in assisting our firm in updating, upgrading, and bringing our systems into state of the art status. I have been working with IT personnel for over 20 years, and M6iT have far exceeded our expectations. I rely on their knowledge and expertise, and the people M6iT have always answered my questions reasonably."

Debra K. Riese, Office Manager

"M6iT makes our business life a breeze because no matter how big or small the issue, they make their customers total satisfaction the top priority. They are organized, quick, productive, honest, personable, reliable, very fairly priced, and easy to communicate with. They saved our servers from a serious crash in such a determined, efficient, expedited, and cost effective way that we made it a point to spread the word. In a cold world where business is business, M6iT makes us feel like business is family. We much appreciate their efforts and hope to have a longstanding work relationship."

Benjamin R. Koren, Manager

"In more than 20 years of business experience, rarely, have I come across a team more dedicated and caring about my needs then M6iT. They are attentive, listen to your needs and come up with a plan to execute it flawlessly. I would be lost without them."

Stephen Kocis, Vice President

"M6iTC has been invaluable to me as I’ve expanded my business. They provide unparalleled support in a helpful and efficient manner, and are always quick with a response to any IT question I may have, whether it be simple or complex. I highly recommend the company to anyone looking for quality technical support."

Jill Furman, President

"M6iT Consulting has been a very useful component to growing our business. M6iT helped us as new entrepreneurs develop a structured business plan and keep our eye on the prize. With their support and inspiring and knowledgable lessons we have been able to achieve more than we ever imagined. I highly recommend this company to all beginner ventures as well as established entrepreneurs. The value they provide has far surpassed my expectations."

Arielle Nachmani, Co-Founder

"M6iT set up all of our IT operations: our computers, printers, scanners, email system, basically our operations. They are very professional and provide fast and reliable services. The most important feature for us is that they are very responsive and in emergencies have been super fast in correcting the issues. In a small firm if there are IT issues, it can seriously compromise our ability to render services and thanks to the great service they have supplied, we have been able to work uninterruptedly. We highly recommend M6iT."

Leonardo Heidner, Principal

"We first started using M6iT Consulting to help us move our local exchange server to an exchange hosted service. The account manager was phenomenal. Their team spent most of the time planning the migration and when it was time to move, it happened overnight. We did not experience any service interruption. We were very impressed by their professionalism, and business skills. Since, we have been using M6iT Consulting as our IT Company and we have been very happy with them. Working with an IT company that seriously cares for our organization is key to keeping our business running."

Oded Nachmani, President

"We used M6iT Consulting to setup our servers and network. Their approach to business has saved us time and money. They asked us a lot of questions to make sure they delivered what we needed. If you are looking for an IT company that has good business understanding, we recommend you use M6iT Consulting. Great and affordable service."

Danny Rebibo, President

"Thanks to M6ITC that our business performs optimally and with minimum issues. IT management is a crucial part for any business – as this is what keeps a business going. The people that play the role of managing the network need to be the most competent and we are happy to endorse M6IT Consulting for that role, as they are doing a fine job for our network implementation and management."

Taslim Khan, CEO

"The M6iTC team has been essential to the start of our new company. From day one, they have handled any IT questions and problems we have had in an understandable and efficient way. Their support is unparalleled and highly recommended."

Kevin Mccollum, President

"Notre société avait besoin d’un support technique de qualité, efficace, rapide, professionnel et surtout inventif. M6ITC a su trouver des réponses claires à chacun des challenges auxquels nous avons dû faire face , grâce à un réel savoir-faire et une réactivité importante. Nous bénéficions d’un support dont nous maitrisons les tenants et aboutissants, sans compter que M6ITC intervient également en français, ce qui est un énorme avantage pour une société comme la nôtre, basée entre Paris et New York. Je recommande vivement le travail de M6ITC pour la réussite de vos projets IT !"

Albane Smart De Buchy, President

"When our system crashed, we thought the day (and possibly week) was gone and it would cost us hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get back on line. I, as well as my entire staff were especially pleased at how quick M6iT Consulting were able to get to our office, resolve our issues and work within our budget restraints. They have always provided time and cost efficient solutions to me here at The Gold Standard of New York and I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with M6iTC."

Seth Gold, President

"M6iTC provides our company with excellent technical support. They have been incredibly reliable, always fulfilling our technical needs with speed and professionalism. They consistently come by just to check up and make sure that all of our computer needs are being met. I highly recommend M6iTC to anybody looking for dependable, efficient, and friendly technical support."

Jeffrey Seller, President

"Working with M6iT has been a wonderful experience. The level of professionalism and quality of work are unparalleled. I highly recommend any business using the services of M6iTC for their IT support."

Meredith Blair, President

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