Technikel Solutions is the only IT Service provider in Vancouver that guarantees increased efficiency in your business and increased cyber security. This is our 90 day guarantee. We partner to gain an understanding of your specific work environment and provide the best IT support specifically tailored to you. Technikel Solutions provides regular face to face service with talented and friendly technicians. We only hire the best AND we only use the best IT tools. We are experts in the tools we have chosen resulting in the best service for our clients. Our approach to customer service is a friendly and streamlined, call us to find out!

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Since our move to Technikel Solutions’s Managed Services our employees can now focus on their jobs, and the things they are good at, leaving the tech related issues to Technikel Solutions. Switching to Technikel Solutions’s Managed Services relieved one of our largest pain points and made us more efficient. I like that the team is local. When we require someone to be on site, it happens relatively quickly. The initial projects to get us up to standard took time, but once completed, the rewards were obvious.

Robyn Wilson, COO
Venue Kings

As an extremely busy and growing company, our entire staff must have reliable access to computers while in the office or in the field. Technology is not our forte. Having a company take care of it all for us gives us ease of mind. They are accessible and quick to respond. Downtime has never been an issue since we started using Technikel Solutions.
You get what you pay for with IT companies. I know many fly-by-nighters who offer IT support and the people who use them always have issues. If you want to be looked after, and never worry about your IT issues, call Technikel Solutions. They will make your life easier.

Kevin Hatch, Owner
Twin Lions Contracting

Chris and his team have always been quick to respond to our IT needs, and we haven’t run into a problem they can’t fix. We have Peace of Mind knowing that they are always there for us and their support will keep our systems updated and running smoothly. Like many businesses, we run 24/7/365 and cannot be “down”. They always respond the same day, usually within the hour if it’s an urgent matter.
Most fixes are handled via their remote services, but they will always send a technician out when required. On the rare occasion where we have to wait for parts, or the issue cannot be fixed the same day, Technikel Solutions always creates a work-around so we can keep our business running. I do not believe that you will find a more knowledgeable team in the Lower Mainland.

Margot Ware, Owner
Shylo Nursing

The biggest benefit from switching to Technikel Solutions Services, has been their quick response time to get us back online when we've had an issue. We've used other companies in the past that haven't been able to find or fix issues efficiently… if at all! This is not the case with Technikel Solutions. I'd recommend Technikel Solutions for anyone looking for a new Service Provider because of their depth of knowledge and quick response time. I appreciate that they truly recognize that time is money in business and they have an expert staff team to deliver services accordingly.

Dave Brown, Owner
Contact Printing

We use Technikel Solutions for managed IT Services. Their service and product support is above all other vendors we have used in the past. 
They are responsive and truly a partner in keeping our business on top of its game, online, safe and secure. 
If you need a IT company that cares, call Chris and his team at Technikel Solutions. They are truly Rockstars of the IT world.

Chris O’Donohue, CEO
Great Canadian Lanscaping

Technikel Solutions Services is our computer and network service provider and we are 100% satisfied with their service. We have far fewer computer and network issues than we did prior to hiring Technikel Solutions thanks to their maintenance program.
 When an issue does arise Chris Barre and his team react very quickly to resolve the issues.
 Towler & Associates, CPAs are very happy with the services we receive from Technikel Solutions and strongly recommend them to our clients and colleagues.

Warren Towler, President
Towler and Associates

Since moving to Technikel Solutions’s Managed Service Plan we don’t waste time trying to solve a problem. WCIT is responsive and friendly. We know when something will be addressed and urgent matters get attention right away. My advice for other business owners who are searching for an IT company is to meet with Chris and then the competition. Compare the services and the depth of knowledge in responding to the questions as well as the options that are offered to meet your needs. Your choice will become clear.

Kathleen Cunningham, Executive Director
BC Law Institute

Since our move to Technikel Solutions Managed Services we know our computer system (which is integral to our business) is fine-tuned and reliable 24/7. Previously our IT Department was me! My time is now focused on business growth activities. An investment in Technikel Solutions gets you an immediate return on your investment, why wait for a problem to realize the savings?

Dave Sweeny, Director

The biggest benefit of moving to Managed Services with Technikel Solutions has been the freedom I have from caring about IT issues and the time to focus on the things I’m good at. The biggest company benefit is a more reliable and consistent IT system, with the ability to scale it up in the future. A huge, albeit obvious, benefit is we have proper reliable backup system that requires no attention from us because it is monitored 24/7 by Technikel Solutions.
The best thing about working with Technikel Solutions is that they explain what they can do to help you and then they do it! Where it was necessary for us to drill down and understand what was happening, they explained it to us. The transition to your services was smooth. We did not miss a beat in changing over to you and we very quickly started to see the benefits of your services. The team is super responsive to things that come up. If you are on the fence about choosing Technikel Solutions, I would advise you to spend time with Chris, ask every question that comes to mind, and based on how responsive and clear he is, make your decision. Chris sees the value in being a great partner and works hard to keep your business.

Mike Hillhouse, General Manager
Living Well Homecare

Where did I send that email from? Did I do it from home? Did I send it from my iphone? Or was it my work PC? I was always losing track of my sent emails. Then I heard about Chris and Technikel Solutions. Chris came to my business and set me up on a cloud based exchange server for pennies a day. Now when I send an email from my iPhone, it automatically goes into the sent folder of any hardware I have email on.
That was just the beginning. All my staff had the same problem and Chris fixed it all for everyone. I gotta say also, Chris is the most sociable IT guy I have ever met. He actually TALKS WITH YOU and not down to you like a lot of arrogant IT guys tend to do. Highly recommended for PC headaches, and he’s a complete business pro also!

Lorne MacInnes, President
Ferguson Moving

We get prompt recognition when there is an issue. Problems are dealt with consistently and they stick with it until resolved. Hire Technikel Solutions, you won’t regret it. They are reliable, quick and courteous.

Jeremy Miller, Owner
Houston Landscapes

Technikel Solutions helped us to reduce our IT costs by eliminating our small business server and moving our exchange to the cloud. Chris has helped us to synchronize more reliably with all our devices, and we have eliminated all our expensive server maintenance issues. In addition, Chris helped us to more efficiently manage our conference room media and improve our network speed.

Paul Lilley, Owner
Kingdom Builders

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