Top Cybersecurity Conferences for 2022

Many events and conferences were cancelled and moved online since Covid came about. However, as me move toward 2022, most cybersecurity conferences are making an in-person comeback. It’s still early, and some dates may be rescheduled but I wanted to go ahead and pick what I believe will be the top ones nevertheless. So below, you can find my list of the top five cybersecurity conferences across the globe for next year.

San Francisco, USA
The RSA Conference is a series of IT security conferences. Approximately 45,000 people attend one of the conferences each year. It was founded in 1991 as a small cryptography conference. The main conference takes place in San Francisco each year. The conference also hosts educational, professional networking, and awards programs.

Moscow, Russia
Positive Hack Days is a computer security conference held every year in Moscow. The first conference was held in 2011. The conference addresses such topics as zero-day attacks and digital investigations, cryptography and cyberwarfare, the security of a person and a state in the cyberworld.

Infosecurity Europe
London, UK
Infosecurity Europe is the biggest gathering of the information security community in Europe. The leading suppliers choose this as the moment to launch new technologies, products and services. Senior buyers make it their time for key investment decisions. And every stakeholder comes for the insight necessary to stay ahead in cybersecurity’s rapidly evolving game.

Black Hat
Las Vegas, USA
Black Hat is a computer security conference that provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world. Black Hat brings together a variety of people interested in information security ranging from non-technical individuals, executives, hackers, and security professionals.

Chengdu, China
The International Cyber Security Summit Forum of TFC is established in Southwest China. It aims at creating the most professional international cyber security event in China, promoting the high-quality development of China’s cybersecurity industry. The Tianfu Cup International PWN Contest takes place at this event.

The list above is what I believe to be the most influential conferences next year, however they represent just a small fraction of all the cybersecurity events and conferences being scheduled for 2022. You can find full expanded lists of upcoming events in the United States, Europe, and the UK.

Published by Jordi Vilanova, Cloudtango