Redcentric is a leading UK IT managed services provider that offers a range of IT and Cloud services designed to support organisations in their journey from traditional infrastructure to the Cloud and hybrid combinations in between. With the IT landscape in constant evolution, Redcentric is built around today's modern IT challenges offering application, collaboration, infrastructure, network, mobile and IT security services.

Global100 2024. Every year, Cloudtango honors the most successful managed service providers. For 2024, our technical analysis focused on business growth, customer satisfaction, and service offerings. By being selected, Redcentric demonstrated an excellent track record delivering innovative IT services and cloud solutions while exceeding customer expectations.

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Howdens Joinery

When Howdens decided to outsource its network management, disaster recovery backup solution and voice systems to […]

Teletext Holidays

With our in-house team increasingly focusing on the front-end product, we also needed to be able to bring on stream […]

HCRG Care Group

HCRG Care Group wanted to increase the pace at which they could transform front-line services. This large-scale […]

The University of Lincoln

Redcentric had an excellent reputation and proven track record within the education sector; their infrastructure was […]

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Redcentric is a trusted partner and we view the people we work with there as members of the wider internal team –it’s like having network, data management and voice specialists in my
team without actually having to employ them.
With Redcentric, we’re getting the sophisticated technology that you would expect to be available only from the really big telecom companies but with a level of personal service, flexibility and support that the bigger companies simply can’t deliver.

Damien Frost, IT Director

When Ascot Racecourse decided on new IT, communications and cabling infrastructure it chose Redcentric and gained world class capabilities for informing and entertaining its customers.
On other comparable sites you just see one or maybe two aspects of what we have been able to deploy in full through having built such a solid foundation with Redcentric.

Alastair Warwick, General Manager
Ascot Racecourse

We really needed a company that would offer us the flexibility we wanted – one that was able to tailor their service. Redcentric was the only company willing to accommodate us. Their flexibility means we have the support we need, when we need it, and that is what we pay for. It makes it incredibly cost effective for us.

Alistair Kell, IT Director
Building Design Partnership

We needed a supplier who could provide a flexible, scalable and resilient Wide Area Network when our business was in a period of extensive growth, and I discovered we could get more for less money with Redcentric, over and above what our other suppliers could provide.
Redcentric have taken away the pain of having to deal with suppliers as they project manage everything for us. They do all the chasing up and give us regular updates so we know exactly what’s going on.

Jason Shaw, IT Director

With its highly resilient private MPLS network offering 64 times better bandwidth and a 50% reduction in cost compared with the existing BT solution, it didn’t take long to convince the Board that Redcentric’s was the right solution!
The business and technical account management is the best I’ve ever dealt with and way beyond what other companies – including IBM and Microsoft – can offer. It’s not just about technology; it’s about the people.

Mark Evans, IT Manager
Rider Levett Bucknall

Because of the complexity of the environment, and because we had previously already had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at achieving this, we really didn’t think it could be done. But Redcentric have proved us wrong. They really pulled out all the stops and we now have a highly secure, extremely reliable, Cloud-based platform which has helped us save costs and improve performance.

Colin Mee, Head of Technical Support and Solutions Group
Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

When we first started using Redcentric it was in no small part because we wanted to roll out a data-only service to a lot of our schools. Redcentric understood our goals, and was flexible enough to provide us with the service we required.

Michael O'Connor, Network & Security Manager
Medway Council

The collaboration between the Defence Academy CIO’s office, my team and Redcentric was extremely efficient. To bring in a complex project with minimal disruption to business output, on-time and under budget speaks volumes for the dedication and professionalism of all involved.
To bring in a complex project with minimal disruption to business output, on-time and under budget speaks volumes for the dedication and professionalism of all involved.

Iain Hay, ICT Service Manager
The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom / Serco

We knew that this was giving us exactly what we needed technically, operationally and commercially, and I commend Redcentric for making that possible. We were now free to focus on testing the configuration and evaluating the equipment, prior to the go-live, and again, Redcentric was most diligent in ensuring that process was completed to our absolute satisfaction.

Andy Best, ICT Operations Manager
West Berkshire Council

We weren’t just buying a commodity, we were looking to build a long-term IT partnership. That meant looking beyond technical capabilities and digging into aspects such as account management, project management, consultancy skills and the attitudes and values embedded within the supplier organisation.
We’ve worked very closely with the Redcentric account management team during this time and the first fruits of our collaboration can be seen in the successful deployment of two new solutions: managed backup and 3G failover.

Clive Eckett
Cegedim Rx

The changeover was very low key. Redcentric don’t fuss, they just get on with things, delivering very reliable, consistent managed IT to us day in, day out. They don’t intrude themselves onto the organisation, and that’s just the way we want it. We keep overall control but if we do have any issues we know that they’re either going to be fixed before we’re even aware of them or that there’ll be a very quick response from the Redcentric team without any runaround for us.

Craig Winters
East Lancashire Medical Services

Big infrastructure projects in hospitals are not the simplest of things but in the quality of the solution, the efficiency of the roll-out and the very pragmatic, responsive and accountable way of dealing with issues, Redcentric made this as pain-free a process as possible. As a result, we have a very stable and fast wireless networking provision that is delivering benefit every day: medical staff can contact each other instantly wherever they are with less effort; while clinical care at the bedside can be optimised due to the ready access of Electronic Patient Records, fully mobile drugs trollies and specialist clinical applications. Indeed these highlight the main outcome of the project – our ability to continually innovate in our medical services and help those in our care, safe in the knowledge that we have a resilient, scalable and truly enabling platform.

Nick Penlington, ICT Services Manager
King’s College Hospital

The Redcentric development team were extremely supportive in helping us create useful reports from the call recording system such as how many patients were hanging up without having their calls answered.
Of all the many benefits we’ve seen, the overarching one is the scalability and ease of growth that Redcentric has given and continues to give us. Without that scalability, we’d have no growth.

Howard Gooder, Commercial Director
The Practice Group

Healthcare professionals can waste an awful lot of time logging in and out of different systems and loading different applications; through the use of single sign-on and persistent connections, we can remove this frustration, free up that time for colleagues to spend that time focusing on patient care, and give all of our colleagues a consistent and standardized IT service. Redcentric is giving us a hugely flexible and functional platform which we can use as a springboard to optimise both IT delivery and care provision.

Parker Moss, CTO
Virgin Care

Redcentric demonstrated a clear understanding of our business, our strategic plans and what we were trying to achieve. Secondly, the fact that they own their own network and data centres, and their own experts are responsible for management and support, gave us tremendous confidence.
The performance of Redcentric’s services has proven excellent –much better and much more cost-effective than we’ve been able to provide in-house.

Richard Norris, IT Director
Cullum Capital Ventures

Redcentric has supported our agility, reduced our costs and enabled us to be more efficient. There’s no doubt in my mind that with Redcentric’s expertise, we’ve improved the way we do business.

Richard Corner, Group Operations Director

Having our trusted provider, Redcentric, delivering a range of services down a single network has proved invaluable for us. We want to spend our money on investing in insurance, not maintaining a large IT department. Redcentric lets us do just that and has helped us drive significant year-on-year savings.

Graham Smith, Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure

We need to be confident that our global systems are safe and our move to Redcentric is part of our delivery of world-class systems. It is simply the best solution for us.

Daniel Pollick, CIO
DLA Piper

Redcentric clearly recognises the value of relationship management. It understands our business and our people, and is highly focused on client care and seeking to manage the lifetime value of the relationship. So satisfied were we with Redcentric’s managed network service that the renewal process was a very straightforward project. We were offered a competitive price from an established provider, with a proven track record of delivering great service. The decision was simple.

Jonathan Swan, Operations & IT Director

Before using Redcentric’s managed services we were duplicating huge amounts of data. Redcentric’s efficient and cost-effective services have reduced our storage requirements significantly.

David Bason, IS Director

Redcentric’s Unity IP Voice offered exactly what I wanted but it wasn’t available in Europe. I wasn’t happy with the alternatives, so was determined to find a solution. I asked two suppliers to work on it with Redcentric on the understanding we would go with the best option.
What I particularly like about Unity IP Voice is its flexibility and simplicity. You never have to be away from your phone, and mobiles, emails and Internet are all easily integrated. It’s also quick and easy to move phones and offices if need be.

Peter Mathers, Director of Telecoms, IT Infrastructure and Network Strategy (EMEA)
Tyco International

What impressed us from the off was the quality of engagement. Yes, we had to be satisfied as to what was being proposed technically and commercially, but above all, we needed to have confidence in Redcentric as a delivery partner.

Cindy Howarth, Director of IT
Bidvest Logistics

Kudos to Redcentric for being the only provider to have already recognised the need for N3/HSCN connectivity to AWS when we came calling, and to make possible what was a key strategic and operational advance for Black Pear. Praise too for their very professional, straightforward approach, from the clarity and precision of the costings to the on-time, to-plan deployment via AWS Direct Connect.

Dunmail Hodkinson, CTO
Black Pear Software

We needed to be reassured in other areas too: the strength and reliability of the platform; the scalability and adaptability of the services taken; and the calibre of both the day-to-day and longer-term strategic help we would get from our new partner. Redcentric impressed on all counts, from their industrial grade network and data centre estate to their 24/7 UK-based operations personnel.

Michael Nicholls, Software Development Manager
LumiraDx Care Solutions

Redcentric provides access to a state-of-the-art data centre and highly cost-effective services far cheaper and better than we could possibly do internally.

Sean McDonough, COO

Meeting project timescales as well as costs is absolutely critical to this data centre transition project. Our customers need assured access to their cloud-based systems via the N3 network so continuity of our services is paramount.
Redcentric has been impressive – gaining approval for our N3 access application within a week and simplifying how we connect to the N3 network. The company’s responsiveness and ability to pick up the phone around service design and questions that arise is really important. They’re an extension of our internal IT team adding value to our business above and beyond this project.

Andrew Outram, Technical Services Director
System C Healthcare

We were very impressed with Redcentric’s product and its people – they knew their stuff, they weren’t pushy, and they offered us an excellent service at a compelling price.

Graham Jackson, Network & Telecoms Administrator
Barker and Stonehouse

Redcentric offers a lot more than just a ‘home’ in its data centres. Theirs is truly a managed service, leveraging not just their physical Cloud infrastructure but their people, their skills and their resources to deliver ‘end-to-end’ solutions and leave client IT teams to focus on more added-value activities.

Richard Twinn, IT Support Manager
Evans Cycles

Redcentric has fully supported our aggressive timeframe for efficiency and growth – it’s played a key part in helping us open 30 new depots a year on time and to budget, and we expect to make significant cost savings over the five year contract by using its services.

Clive Cockburn, Head of IS Infrastructure
Howdens Joinery

We were pleased to have the opportunity to develop a closer partnership style of working with Redcentric, as we knew that this would deliver benefits across the board for our business. We identified areas which offered opportunities for improvement together and then worked out strategies to deliver them. We now have a much more responsive working relationship with our account team which has fostered a relationship of real trust.
We are so pleased with the way things have improved that we have just renewed our contract for another 24 months.

Mark Woodyatt, IT Infrastructure Manager
Midlands Co-op

With our in-house team increasingly focusing on the front-end product, we also needed to be able to bring on stream technologies and skill sets to support our back-end, without ever having to own that overhead. We saw Redcentric’s managed service portfolio as an assured way of rising to both of these primary challenges.

Mariusz Nowak, Operations Manager
Teletext Holidays

You could say that hosting is hosting and one data centre environment is very like another, but from the off Redcentric demonstrated that they were far more of an IT partner than just an IT provider. Yes, we now have an IT infrastructure that is far more aligned with the needs of the business but going forward we also have someone who we trust to advise us, to support us, to supply us with additional services moving forward.

Gary Cooper, Infrastructure Manager

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