Right now, your IT is inefficient, costing you time and exposing you to significant cyber security risk. Where do you begin to make things right?

Our Managed IT Service is designed to return between 9% and 20% (approx. 500 hours per 50 staff) of productive time lost by IT inefficiency.

Whether you're on the ground, in the cloud or want to get there, we help you to optimise your costs, secure your IP and deliver unparalleled experiences for your customers.

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Working with Tekspace has helped us to think more about IT and what it does for our business.

Before Tekspace, we had our own internal IT people. When they left, our production team had to pick up the slack. We were losing 3% to 4% of revenue-generating production time on IT related activities.

Rather than hire internally again, we made the decision to engage an external provider. When you hire an in-house IT person, it is difficult for their knowledge to improve and change – especially when IT isn’t your core business. And when that person leaves, their knowledge leaves with them.

But by working with Tekspace, you get better access to problem solving ability. There’s a far greater breadth and depth of knowledge, which is spread across multiple people across their entire team.

David Byers
Urban Circus

My experience with Tekspace has been nothing short of outstanding.

From the super-smart account people down to the very friendly and helpful tech support team - every Tekspace employee I've talked to cares about my business.

Time and time again, they've not only prevented IT problems in the first place, but also sought to understand how my business operates and how technology can actually help.

It's been a very refreshing experience. For any business looking for truly next level IT service and technology, Tekspace should be at the top of your list.

Larry Gomes
Gomes Design

If you’re looking for an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with an organisation who will meet your needs as you evolve and set your business up so that it’s IT infrastructure is working as efficiently as possible, then Tekspace can do that for you.

Dovier Bisinella
John Blair Honda

Tekspace has helped us think about what we need - things that we haven't thought about, because we can't keep abreast of technology. There's this notion of partnership, and we’ve come to rely on Tekspace as a part of our business.

Andrew Gruskin
Omega Global Investors

If someone were to ask me what I think of Tekspace, it would be that they're people who are really listening to me. They take the time to actually come over to our offices and have a chat - and really get to know what our business is, how it works and what our needs are. The most valuable thing that Tekspace provides for us is peace of mind - knowing that everything is up to date, knowing that there's no security issues on our servers and being able to pass on those same assurances to our clients.

Hammy Goonan

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