TechHeights is an award-winning and certified provider of IT services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside. TechHeights was founded with a clear focus and vital purpose in mind - To proactively evaluate advances in the IT industry and apply them to your ever-increasing business needs, complementing your business and technical objectives. As an IT Support Services provider, we thoroughly evaluate your IT infrastructure needs and provide custom solutions based on your requirements.

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When I called late yesterday to arrange for help provisioning a new PC for an existing employee, Robert answered the phone and immediately began helping me. I expected to leave a message, perhaps get a ticket# emailed to me, and then hope to be available when called back. We worked together to initialize the PC and setup remote access, then Robert took it from there. We agreed I would call him back today around 11:30 to continue installing our applications and configure Outlook, Office, QuickBooks and a special credit card plug-in for QuickBooks we use.

I wasn’t able to call back until around 2:30 today, but again Robert answered the support line and immediately resumed the process with me. During the next two hours we successfully set up all applications including user credentials and migrated files from the user’s old PC. I have a few more things to test on my end including setting up a network printer and hard-wired printer, but am confident that if I need help I am supported.

It is my pleasure to provide this positive review for both Robert and his work representing TechHeights. Great job!

Gary Corcoran
B&L Engineering

Just a quick note to let you guys know, on behalf of Key Brands, that your team, since our relationship began, has been GREAT! Every step of the way with each of our projects has been handled by your team with attention to detail, with patience, with an open ear to hear our concerns, and timely. We just want to say THANK YOU! You are exactly what we were looking for to partner with us as we move forward and grow.

Jesus Espinoza, Controller
Key Brands

Our company has been with Techheights for the last eight years. Techheights has supported and protected our Cloud and On-Prem IT infrastructure during these eight years. TechHeights always provides excellent customer service. The TechHeights team is fantastic, professional, and proficient!

Sammy Farag, CEO

TechHeights have been our partner since 2019. TechHeights provided us with more strategic planning and cybersecurity support. TechHeights quickly and efficiently mitigated all cybersecurity-related issues and implemented ADS for the team. TechHeights helped us move to a more secure and centralized environment, in addition to being able to handle all of our day-to-day IT-related issues as well. They are responsive and always keep our best interests in mind.

Mamta Dalal, Controller
Nixon Foundation

TechHeights has helped us through our office move and continues supporting us with all our IT needs. They're always there when we need them and would be happy to recommend them.

Megan McDonough
K&B Electric

Our company is growing rapidly with 70 employees and increasing IT needs. TechHeights has been a trusted partner for many years. They have always met our IT needs promptly. TechHeights provides us with multiple levels of support, from resolving common support issues to delivering solutions for our cybersecurity needs. TechHeights is a delight to work with.

Arnie Hernandez
Taber Company

We have been working with TechHeights for a few years now. The support team is fantastic. Initially, they helped us with our Pen-Testing remediation and HIPAA compliance. We are very happy with them and they’ve been our MSP ever since.

Bob Desoto, VP of Operations

Tech Heights has been our company's exclusive IT service provider for all six of our branches for the past 6 years. Our particular industry has very stringent compliance requirements, which they have always been able to stay on top of. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they take the time to think outside the box to resolve any technical issues we have. Their response time is excellent, and I personally enjoy working with the entire team, particularly Jake, Oni, Jovan, Mike, and Shuchipan. I know we test their patience, but they are always very kind and helpful. I highly recommend you consider them for your needs.

Diana Castro, Operations & Compliance Manager
Arbor One Escrow

We needed a Cisco engineer to get our router configured so that our new office would have VoIP service and internet. I came across TechHeights in a pinch and TechHeights answered my distress call. They came to our office the same day, we set up remote access to the router, and their engineer found the problem and fixed it the same day. Communication was super friendly and fast, and TechHeights made sure our router was working before the day was out. Super company that I highly recommend for IT services.

Michael Vigilante

TechHeights owners are very knowledgeable which gave us confidence to make the switch. Equally important is the tech support team that has outstanding customer service, along with broad range of technical skills.

Ron Luis, President
California Music Lessons

TechHeights has been a wonderful partner for years. They have been instrumental in making sure that all our data is protected and secure. They have helped us open multiple offices throughout Orange County, LA, and Riverside. TechHeights guided us with our cloud journey and made sure that we leverage the latest technology to boost and make our business efficient.

Sabrina Rossetti Chief Finance Officer
Secured Income Group

I cannot be more thankful that I was introduced to Techheights. Between the cybersecurity insurance, server setup and office configurations that needed to be done, I was completely overwhelmed. I cannot stress enough how helpful, professional and knowledgeable these guys are.
They assisted me in putting all the security, and office as well as remote access from offsite. They helped even at odd and weekend hours. They are and always will remain on my speed dial!
Thanks again!!.

Brian Miller, Director of Development
Global Mobility

Was looking for a company to help me with our IT services. With all the ad’s from different IT company’s & assurances that they are the best, I found Techheights the most sincere, efficient & very helpful. Cool guys & took the effort to understand my IT needs with making suggestions that I was very pleased with. They got our IT streamlined, and installed new servers. Extremely satisfied with the outcome & would DEFINITELY recommend these guys. Way to go TechHeights !!!

Anil Sud President and CEO

My experience with these guys has been great. Fast responses and they are always friendly. They moved our server and set up remote connections. Whenever we call them they impress us by answering and fixing our issues right away. They helped us move offices without any downtime. They have always been very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend them!

Rebeca McIntire, Property Manager
Kerymen LLC

Tech Heights has helped us grow our business by adding a Server and Remote access when we are out of the office. They are very experienced and helpful. They also found the most cost-effective ways of getting the job done, which is important for a small business like mine. Shuchipan and his team is extremely easy to work with – they have deep IT knowledge, understands issues quickly, is an objective and logical problem solver, and generously shares their knowledge. I would recommend TechHeights highly to anyone.

Colin Buchanan, Founder and CEO
Raw Revelations

When we first contacted Shuchipan at Techheights, our main server was failing. Shuchipan scheduled an appointment the following day and thoroughly analyzed our system to determine our issues. Despite efforts to repair the system. Shuchipan quickly advised us that it would be more cost-effective to replace the hardware. In the following days, TechHeights sourced an affordable new machine, installed the O/S, reconfigured the system, restored our backup, and got us back on our feet with zero data-loss The system has been working perfectly ever since, and he saved us thousands of dollar of potentially unsuccessful repair efforts on the old machine and additional down time.

John Subbiondo Director of Finance & Operations
Lombard Consulting Services Inc.

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