We specialize in focusing on maximizing reliability, efficiency, and innovation for your cloud-based operations, especially on AWS.
Our approach integrates active communication, cutting-edge automation, and continuous support to streamline your development processes.

We address key pain points in cloud development, so you can focus on your core business goals. With our expertise in AWS, Kubernetes, Serverless, and AI technologies, we ensure your systems are robust, secure, and ahead of the curve.

Our customers increase the pace of developing and releasing new features by removing the need to develop, enhance and maintain infrastructure. We build the infrastructure using code, create the pipelines for deploying consistently and work with you to ensure everything
... scales on demand.

Doing this, we also ensure that your team does not get burnt out by late night issues and deployments because we make this part of a normal day.

15+ SMB SME AWS Technology ISO 27001


Needed quick and effective deployment to new markets globally. base2Services designed and deployed cloud-based […]


Automated CI/CD pipeline, security best practices, Auto-scaling, load testing high availability. Reduced development […]


Leveraging the power of AWS and Unleashing Lightning-fast deployments with base2Services

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AWs migration to Continuous Deployment DevOps with Autoscale globally

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Melbourne, Australia
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"In starting a business it's important we work with people who believe in what we believe in. Strong relationships and cooperation are crucial and we have that, at every level, with base2. They believe in our business and embrace what we are trying to achieve."

Kevin Paterson, Co-Founder

Procella is an independently-owned PBM platform. It was designed to adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing landscape of technology.

What sets Procella apart is its ground-up design, which has resulted in a pharmacy benefit management system that is highly configurable and open to information sharing. With its simple and reusable rule engine, benefit designers can easily set up plan designs and make real-time updates without the need for expensive software engineering staff. This level of control and agility has empowered us to stay ahead of the curve and respond swiftly to evolving market needs.

As we grew we realized that we needed additional support to optimize our operations and infrastructure. That's when we discovered DevOps as a Service provided by base2. They quickly became our trusted partner, providing unwavering support as we expanded our capabilities and added new functionalities.

One of the standout features of our collaboration with base2 has been their round-the-clock support. No matter the time of day or night, they have been there to address any challenges we encountered. Their AWS expertise has proven invaluable, ensuring that we make the most of our cloud infrastructure and optimize our performance.

As a startup, we faced our fair share of hurdles, but base2 has consistently helped us navigate these obstacles. Their team deeply understands the startup landscape and has been instrumental in smoothing out any bumps in the road. They have gone above and beyond to ensure our success, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Base2's DevOps as a Service provides the essential support and expertise needed to drive growth and overcome challenges. They are an outstanding team that has truly made a positive impact on our operations.

Tony Edwards
Procella Health

Hardcat is a world leader in asset and evidence management, with offices in Australia, UK and South Africa. Hardcat develops in-house the celebrated Hardcat Asset Management Solution as well as Hardcat Lebosi Enterprise, Law Enforcement software and Property and Evidence management solutions.

Hardcat solutions have been sold to literally thousands of the world’s most prestigious corporate and government entities, in 121 countries worldwide.

Hardcat pioneered the use of barcode asset tracking, which cut the time and cost of physical asset auditing to a fraction of that taken with manual techniques. The Hardcat software products have since expanded to include different areas such as depreciation, help desk/work orders, purchasing, stock/inventory control, RFID and QR Code tracking, running in both on premise as well as cloud environments.

Hardcat today continues to invest heavily in new product development, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of software innovation. We are making asset management more and more convenient and accessible, whether through web-based user interfaces, mobile apps, PDAs, or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

We chose base2Services to help us innovate to the cloud, recognizing our clients evolving and challenging needs to provide Cloud capabilities.
We needed an advisor, not a provider. Our geographic spread meant their Support capacity out of USA Europe and Australia complemented our clients global spread.
Clients are headquartered in many countries but they also often operate across multiple geographies so 24/7 is essential.
The Fixed Price model was really attractive because we knew we were on an exploration which would require we pivot or find answers to questions we did not know we would have.
Base2 helped us juggle contention and also stopped us getting side-tracked. The extensive governance, security and compliance frameworks was a perfect complement to our own obsession with building and maintaining trust. We have consulted with Wayne Bingham over the last 6 months, and he has not put a foot wrong during that period. We look forward to continuing to use Wayne as we migrate our client base into a cloud environment.
And as for trust the collaborative team approach to partnering definitely earnt the trust of all our team.
Really happy and strong recommendation for anyone looking at using cloud to deliver, particularly any software company moving to SaaS.

Dan Drum, CEO
Hardcat Pty Ltd

At Boddle Learning, we provide an innovative online educational platform, primarily for elementary and middle school students. Our approach uniquely blends educational content with interactive game-based learning, aimed at fostering a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. This unique method enhances students' understanding and retention of key concepts in critical subjects, including math and language arts. Even as a startup, we have rapidly grown, celebrating the milestone of reaching a million monthly active users (4M+ total users).

Achieving this milestone, however, was not without its challenges. We had identified AWS as the ideal platform for our needs, yet quickly realized our in-house Dev team, despite working tirelessly, required additional expertise to fully exploit AWS's potential.

This led us to collaborate with base2Services, whose 'DevOps as a Service' model greatly appealed to us. Anticipating the inevitable uncertainties and unanticipated obstacles inherent to the startup journey, base2's Fixed Price approach offered a valuable solution that allowed us to address challenges without incurring additional costs. Their round-the-clock 'Follow the Sun' support provided us with constant coverage, significantly reducing operational pressure.

What we found particularly beneficial was base2's extensive experience with AWS. This expertise enabled us to bypass a potentially steep learning curve, thereby accelerating our own development process, helping us set up testing and deployment automations, and optimizing our infrastructure.

Having base2Services as our partner has been instrumental in our journey. Their unwavering support and expertise have allowed us to move forward at an accelerated pace with renewed confidence, knowing that they have our back. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued mutual success.

Clarence Tan
Boddle Learning

Having been involved in tech start-ups for 25 years, I have seen a tremendous evolution in the hosting capabilities of organisations such as AWS, Azure and even Google. With this advancement comes increased complexity and understanding to unlock the value these providers can provide, including DevOps and issues such as scale and security, to mention a few.

Over the journey, a number of the start-ups I have been involved in have partnered with Base 2 to help improve the development operation through to deployment and execution of SaaS offerings. Their professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence are invaluable. You can't recruit that capability and capacity in internal teams. They truly understood the intricacies and complexities of their product needs of functionality, security, and scalability.

They also recognised the vital people part of the equation; they seamlessly integrated with our existing team. They quickly extended our Development Team capability, collaborating and aligning efforts to our goals and objectives.
The Agile approach and strong project management meant our dev process remained streamlined and efficient.

Their experience across various industries, AWS and deep SaaS knowledge, Architectural Advice and Guidance saved us many work hours. They got us there much faster with invaluable insights and suggestions around performance, usability, and overall user experience.

They didn't hold back, and the Fixed Price meant we got much more than expected. Consistently above and beyond to deliver.

I highly recommend base2services. Expert technical expertise, committed to customers, Fixed price, global capability, actual team members!

Adam Ryan
Watkins Bay

Sargon provided technological solutions to financial institutions for the development of funds and financial products. Its Funds Ops Platform facilitated building & launching of retirement & superannuation funds, managed funds, Small APRA Fund, and other investment funds. It also provided a fund management platform ARCADIA with alerts, data monitoring, compliance and communication services. Fundamentally we set out to disrupt the financial services sector particularly through mobility, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
We chose base2Services to support our cloud (AWS) platform so we could be secured and focus on product iteration without having to check our backs. We saw base2Services as our partner in not just supporting AWS but delivering speed with confidence to our ambitious build and deployment process.
24/7/365 including being there for our global team were key elements. They delivered, more than we could have expected, always as if we were one team. In fact sometimes they brought us together.
Fabulous result from a fabulous group of dedicated knowledgeable technical experts committed to clients.

John Atabak, Sargon Head of IT

Progenesis are leaders in Lease Management and Lease Accounting & Lease Compliance software. Our software is also used to transform the lease & property management process via our lease management workflow. In addition, we provide software to automate IFRS16 journal calculation & reporting.

We turned to base2 for guidance in charting our path to the cloud. After 20 years of success we wanted to expand internationally and knew delivering a SaaS solution was where we needed to be.
Our products have great functionality, but we needed the AWS infrastructure and security tied down, and a CI Pipeline to speed dev and deployment.
The challenge was getting up to speed with a partner who had been there before; but was willing to invest in the time to educate us and help us make informed tech choices.
base2 have been outstanding in this. Being a Fixed Price offering doesn’t limit them, in fact it's almost as if it removes barriers and they become part of the team.
Listening to interplay in the weekly stand-ups, they certainly don’t seem anything like consultants. I guess that’s part of the reason we clicked because they have a customer obsession and long term view that’s really similar to our own. We have customers who have been with us through multiple iterations as do base2.
Yes we recommend them and yes we would work with them again.

Jim Ensor

Base2Services removed a massive weight from our shoulders. They didn't just help us build our cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, and DevOps processes - they also took the time to educate us about them.

The best part was their fixed-price DevOps as a Service. It's like going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant with drinks included and knowing exactly how much you'll spend. No surprise fees, no extra costs, just one fixed price. That meant we didn't have to break the bank by hiring a fleet of expensive DevOps engineers.

The AWS infrastructure they set up was a game changer. It was like having a fast lane for onboarding new projects - more accessible, cheaper, and faster than before. Combining this with their 24/7 support was perfect for our US based team.

Teaming up with base2Services was the best thing we did. We could scale our business, amp up our tech, and deliver exceptional results for our clients, all while keeping costs in check and efficiency high. It allowed us to focus on our core business!

Mark Milbourne (CTO)

I am Founder of Parakeet Payments. We use automation to remove the inefficient processes of paying bills to free up time and introduce early payment discounts to invoices to improve cash flow for Xero businesses.

I can confidently say that Base 2 Services has delivered top notch dev ops results for us over the past 4.5 years.

One of the things that impressed me the most about Base2Services was their commitment to a fixed-price.

This meant we don't have to worry about expensing or budgeting for every little change request. Instead, we can rest assured that for a simple fixed price, we can work together on projects and initiatives to achieve our product objectives & business goals.

There have also been many times when Base 2 Services have initiated unprompted recommendations and assistance. All within their Fixed Price approach which is fantastic.

An absolute bonus where Base2Services really stood out was in their ability to deliver results quickly.

As they are not on the clock they move fast. In fact, they completed our PCI DSS compliance process in only 6 weeks, which was remarkable.

It was certainly faster than we had expected, saving us over two-third of the time we anticipated.

This is a testament to their expertise, efficiency, and attention to detail, and it's exactly what we needed from a technology partner.

Overall, I highly recommend Base2Services to any business looking for reliable, cost-effective, and results-driven DevOps support.

With their fixed-price model, quick turnaround times, and PCI DSS compliance expertise, they are the perfect partner for any company looking to focus on product & business growth.

Charles, Founder

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