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Work-hard, feel-good IT solutions and consultancy. Taking the complexities away form IT is what we do. We make sure everything works, day in, day out. And not just your inbox. From security and operational costs, through to data-driven business decisions, we make the business of getting more out of your IT budget, for less, as easy as pie.
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The OSIT team is available when I need them and, on the ball, getting problems solved quickly. Appreciate your ongoing support and never-ending patience.

Chris Nash

The customer service from the OSIT team is outstanding. They always keep our business up to date with the latest changes that may impact us, however, will not push services into our business that wont add value. I enjoy working with the OSIT team.

Jordan Wall
Stone Axe Pastoral

I recently did the Office 365 migration with OSIT. What a breath of fresh air they were to deal with! They delivered exactly what they promised, for the price they quoted and their Help Centre based in Australia were not only very helpful but patient as well. Back end IT is a bit of a mystery to me and they walked me through every step. They enabled me to have a smooth transition and I felt confident and in safe hands. Special call out to Brody who was amazing. Highly recommend OSIT

Eileen Carter - Director
Eileen Carter Recruitment

OSIT exceeded my expectation in customer service. I had an email issue and the team were onto it, rectifying the issue promptly and then following up in a timely why this happened. I had the opportunity to discuss and in the process received further knowledge to help my business. Thank you!

Beverly Dallas
Beverly Dallas

Always a great professional service. Prompt response to all challenges. Handy advice given where needed on a wide range of office solutions

Christopher Norman Snr Training Coordinator
Barto Gold

My experiences have always been perfect. Over time several OSIT staff have assisted, always resolving the problems.
The manner they carry out their task is professional, polite and courteous. They sure know their stuff!!

John Hopkins
360 Health and Community

I’ve been very pleased with how the migration progressed. Thanks to all the efforts of John from Yellow Team, for ensuring the transition to the new server went so smoothly. The fact that staff in the TAS office had almost no downtime was a result of your efforts.

It was also good that we’ve sorted out the WAPs so that you now have control and visibility over these, and also more information on the switches and printers. Hopefully will make remote management a little bit easier moving forward.

Chris Butler
Corporate Administrators Pty Ltd

I was having issues with my mailbox and need immediate assistance to access it. Jason smashed it out of the park on this one and he instantly magic-ed it. Awesome work. Thank you.

Markus Fernandez-Kennedy
Separovic Injury Lawyers

I cannot speak for any other team but the Lime Team have been an invaluable addition to our business. Their knowledge and ability to be proactive is nothing short of impressive. They do go the extra mile. On the rare occasion mistakes have been made they have been rectified promptly and do not reoccur. There are multiple lines of communication throughout the team and I admit the entire team make my job easier.

Jason Cavallaro
Callidus Process Solutions Pty Ltd

I just want to make it known that the Amber team of Office Solutions IT is doing an absolutely fantastic job. I’ve been putting them through the wringer and absolutely pumping them these past few weeks with our new office setup (alongside every other BAU fire). It’s been a hell of a push to get everything done in the time frame that we have, and in all honesty, I’d be absolutely lost without the team and the commitment to achieve the same outcome.

Luke Savy
TFG Group Pty Ltd.

Just wanted to send my thanks to the OSIT team for helping us out over the weekend. We had a very tight time frame and having the team over the weekend helped us achieve our goal of opening the office. We appreciate the effort, the team was able to take instruction without issue and executed well.

The team was responsible to fit out approximately 100 desks (200 monitors) over 2 days, this included, unboxing, mounting monitors on desk arms and connecting all workstation hardware.

Mathew White
Canaccord Genuity Australia

I'm really pleased that OSIT was proactive and went ahead and provided a solution and executed it. It shows us at Base Resources that OSIT is monitoring our servers, and activated a solution without waiting for the obvious answer you would have got from me. We appreciate the great work. Keep it up!

This is exactly why OSIT as a company is growing fast. Great support and most importantly, good communications. Something that other service providers lack.

Dennis Zuvela
Base Resources Limited

I was having issues with my internet. A HUGE thank you to Ramon and the team for sorting it out. Paul did a lot behind the scenes, I did a lot of troubleshooting and even Ben from another team helped guide, pretty sure Brent even threw in some guidance here and there. It was a peculiar issue, one that was very laborious to try and diagnose but you guys stuck with it. Super impressed, everyone was outstanding, especially Ramon, he was fantastic on site even crawling under desks to test connections! Very happy customer. :)

Allye Bushby
United Fuel Injection

Just letting you know that I’m really appreciating the support of Robert and Michael of the Orange team. Given our lack of IT knowledge, we are still facing challenges on the IT front, but I’ve really noticed an improvement in the level of support and responsiveness since these two have been involved. I’m confident that OSIT can get us there.

Warren Mahoney
Ember Connect

In the short time we’ve been engaged with OSIT, we’ve been very impressed with the delivery and response times. James Sutherland listened to our requirements and provided a proposal that was specifically tailored to us. Special mention goes to Brice Servais, who is simply wonderful to work with. Always eager to assist in a timely and friendly manner, going above and beyond to ensure our expectations are met, and often exceeded. Very grateful, Brice.

Michelle Elliott, Executive Officer
Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation (BTAC)

The team responded quickly, knew the issue and were able to resolve this very effectively. They also showed me what the solution was so I could do this again myself in the future. Thank you.

Paul Howard
Gerard Daniels

Previously when I had a computer problem I had a feeling of panic and was quite stressed. Now, I send in my Support Request to Office Solutions and know that very quickly the problem will be solved and all done remotely; no waiting for the technician to arrive which is what happened today with Ramon who was fabulous in solving my IT problem. He was so kind, understanding and knowledgeable. My problem was solved in no time at all. It is so reassuring to have your support. What an excellent service!

Liz Pattison
Liz Pattison Pty Ltd

Hi, My experience with Office Solutions goes back to my days with Territory Iron and then more recently, with my own consulting company. The staff at Office Solutions have always been very professional and exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend this company for all IT related problems. More recently, Stuart Godin was extremely helpful to me when I had an issue with my computer. I wish this company continued success. Thank you Office Solutions, Linda

Linda Glass
API Management Pty Ltd

Hi OSIT Team,
As some of you know, this week is my last week with 360 which is bittersweet – after 9 years here I’m not too sure what’s next but it’s just time for a change.
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the IT support, innovation and fun Christmas parties you have offered over the years during my time at 360. It has been a ride and at some of the most challenging points in my time in the role (the seemingly endless hours of Telstra troubleshooting is up there with COVID WFH data migration ????) you guys, especially Gareth, Mike, Aaron and more recently Paul, have been there getting me/360 through it.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with you all and I’ve appreciated your patience and perseverance! I have learnt a hell of a lot and I’m really proud of how far we have come since I took over 360’s IT management in 2015, with the blue, red and yellow teams. I have no doubt a huge part of that is down to the great working relationship we have with OSIT. So thank you! Wishing you all the best of luck for the future and hoping I bump in to you around the place soon!

Sophie Hick
360 Environmental Pty Ltd

Thank you to Callan, Stuart and to all who slaved away at this problem in configuring my email and the network settings for my printer. It took a long time and we really appreciate you getting to the bottom of it.

Tiffany Alderson

Thanks Tom. I appreciate your regular follow-up when Outlook used to freeze on me whenever I launched it. The issues resolved and now it’s back working again!

Liz Booth
Netball WA

Thanks Steve for sorting out our firewall issue. We appreciate your support, above and beyond every time!


Jared Schipper
Tangibility Pty Ltd

I was very grateful for the speedy and professional assistance I received from James. My MS Word plugin problem was solved without any drama and well and truly to my complete satisfaction as usual.

Jamie Blair
IRDI Legal

I needed help with my outlook on my PC and my softphone required configuration. James was super helpful and quick to respond to my query. Thank you!!

Erin Tunnicliffe
360 Health & Community

I needed to install a VPN client to remotely connect to work. I would like to thank Patrick for his assistance today in setting up and testing my remote connection. He was very pleasant with loads of patience.

Yvonne Ender
Kavanagh Lawyers

The COVID lockdown meant many of us in Perth are again working from home after many months of 'normal'. I could not connect to my work computer from home but OSIT was really good and got me back on track. Good work in a pressure situation. Thanks guys.

Kim Tovey
Perth Markets Group Limited

I was trying to remotely connect to work and was having a problem connecting to the server. Patrick was great to resolve the issues I had this early morning by testing and making sure everything was working fine.

Arun Mudaliar

One morning I found my desktop computer system had stopped working during the night. This problem has not occurred previously; we have checked the connections to the PC and all seem fine. I am so grateful for Stuart Downing's knowledge and expertise which got me up and running quickly. Many thanks!

Liz Pattison
Liz Pattison Pty Ltd

Mark has been very helpful and efficient in liaising between Dell and its technician to fix our downed server. Thank you very much Mark for your excellent customer service in following this through for us over the past few days.

Karen Ridley
Battery Minerals Limited

One of our clients needed help in installing and configuring a VPN client. Mark was very efficient and quick to understand the problem. He spoke directly to our client who was very happy with the result. Thanks Mark!!

Mitchell Hedges
Syrinx Environmental Pty Ltd

The technician from OSIT turned up to my office on time, completed the task, attended to a couple of requests, all in an efficient and friendly manner. I use OSIT for my IT support, backups, and risk management and I have no hesitation in recommending them to do the same for you.

Bryan O'Loughlan
CFO Associates Asia

Thanks again for all your help, OSIT! In particular, James - who is an absolute legend... He resuscitated my computer after a Windows update stuffed up all the graphics settings on my computer. His technical knowledge and calm, friendly demeanor kept me sane during a highly stressful time!

Karina Miller
Hudson Creative

It was frustrating not being able to see some of my emails. Mark did a fantastic job of locating the said emails and making them appear in my mailbox. Thanks for your help guys!

Luke Howlett
Minjar Gold

My attempt in restoring Outlook 365 on my new phone the other day had been unsuccessful. Thanks to Nikolas, the account setup was a success! His service was prompt, exceptional, and professional.

Craig Tester

After having a phone upgrade, Samuel and Tim were both very helpful in getting me enrolled and connected to Duo Mobile. Thanks and great work as always guys!

Petta Baptista
PC Locs

I’ve had troubles with my Outlook lately. The view has changed and I was no longer able to see any new emails. Ollie has once again provided an efficient and friendly service by restoring my Outlook to its former view. Thanks Ollie, very much appreciated!

Kevin Jones
Minjar Gold

Brent was great! I needed admin access to install a CCTV software and he resolved the issue with no fuss. He also went the extra mile to fashion a more user-friendly outcome for me.

Dudley Corbett
Greyhounds WA

I emailed the support team and received a very quick response from Ben. I was unable to open Outlook and I was having an issue syncing my personal Gmail account. Ben solved my problems and I am now back up and running.

Jenna Shenton
Alinio Pty Ltd

During the process of IT management migration, Zachi, Callan, Stuart Godin have been extremely helpful and quickly resolved previous IT issues.
I strongly recommended using their services.

Linda Lai
Australia Imperial Financial Services PL

I cant give Stuart Godin a big enough rap!
He went above and beyond to ensure my computer was fixed super fast with minimum fuss and maximum convenience for me!
I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends and family! ????

Brixley Graham (Owner/Director)
Garden Blueprints

Chad was very professional and efficient, I am very happy with his level of service :) Thanks!”

Melanie Chua
Capital Q

As always, excellent service received from OSIT.
Tim was great, followed up and showed lots of patience while trying to resolve issue.
Great work team, thanks!.

Petta Baptista
PC Locs

Great service provided by Tim Plumb, always very efficient and great customer service. Thank you.

Catarina Forzatti
The Chamber of Minerals & Energy of Western Australia

A really diligent team with excellent customer service. I had a problem with my computer in the morning and the problem was fixed in 45 min. Thank you very much. They are efficient and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Johan Barrantes
Antipa Minerals Limited

Amazingly good service. knowledgeable and willing to help staff who are somehow able to be patient with computer illiterate clients! And, fix their issues so they can get back to work. So respectful.

Robyn Menzies
Youth Focus

These guys know IT !!

I have not worked with a better team in my IT career. These guys know IT and have assisted Syrah Resources for the last couple of years with various IT related problems and decisions. They a great bunch of people and we value their input.

Keep it up OSIT !

Stefan Rheeder - IT MANAGER
Syrah Resources

I've been very impressed by you guys. Always prompt. Good communication. Clearly know your stuff. Methodical in working through the problems. No belittling.

Mike Reid, Manager
Synergies Economic Consulting

I can just imagine the craziness you are working under at present. Hopefully life can return to normal in the not too distant future.
As you are aware, we have now moved all of our 46 staff to working from home. This has all been achieved in about 2 weeks or so. I want to formally acknowledge the outstanding work that Aaron and Ky have done in achieving this result for us. Simply put, our business would have been severely affected if it had not been for their availability and brilliant expertise in bringing it all together including sourcing product that we needed to make it all happen when supplies were in very short supply.
They are both a credit to you.
Lisa has been instrumentally involved with them in working through the logistics of it all and I know that the 3 of them have worked incredibly hard and under intense pressure to meet deadlines and to ensure that our firm could continue to work as efficiently as possible.
The 3 of them have clearly formed a bond that has positioned our firm well as we move forward into these uncertain times.
My appreciation to you also James for making these guys available to us as I know the stresses your firm is under.
Well done everyone.

Gus Irdi
IRDI Legal

OSIT have been great in assisting our transition to working from home arrangements, particularly given the short lead time. I have appreciated the friendliness, and the willingness of all of the OSIT team members to assist with this.

Raj Thethy
Youth Focus

Thank's heaps for Orange Team, One quick call and our printer issues were all fixed, remotely from the other side of Australia! Great Support, will recommend.

Sharron Cowman
Bad Backs

Thanks for all of your support Office Solutions IT. Love your work team!

Michelle White
Headspace Midland

Well what can I say! The guys at OSIT are excellent. Really really good. I just moved premises and my Office 365 OneDrive, calendar and emails weren’t syncing, which is a big problem for me. Stuart and the Orange Team got me back up and running ASAP, just in time for my flight to the UK. Thanks OSIT!

Jacqui Dunn
English Rose Bridal

Great bunch and even better service. I can’t fault them. Professional, friendly and always happy to go the extra to make sure your back online and have one less thing to worry about.

Paul Mornane
Zorman Real Estate Advocates

Anthony, James and the team at Office Solutions IT, thank you so much for working with us for the past 2 years, it's been a real pleasure to deal with a company with such integrity. You have been pivotal in the success of moving MHLC into the current century!
We've loved your pragmatic & down to earth approach.
From the team @MHLC & Shayla & Sarah.

Sarah Jones
Mental Health Law Centre WA

Super stars!
Thank you so much for your rapid and reliable support, especially Gareth, Bailey and the Yellow team!

Sue Hurley
Australian Dental Association WA

I have been working with Office Solutions IT for just over 3 years.
The team there has always been keen on ensuring they understood my needs and knew what my service level expectation was.
Our relationship with them continues as, whilst they may not be perfect and get it right every time (who is), they continue to understand our business and ensure they are adapting to our needs.
They know every business is different and there is not a one size fits all approach.
They remain aware of new technologies emerging and how they may be applied to our business and ensure there is always a strong business case towards any suggested changes.
We have built a trusted relationship which I value strongly and feel as though the business is in safe hands with them.

Corene Baird-Coetzer, General Manager
Murfett Legal

Office Solutions performed a Cyber Security check for me and I'm so glad I did it. Friendly, informative and helpful, the team at OSIT explained everything without scaring the hell out of me. Would highly recommend their services.

Sheryll Fisher, Managing Director
Outback Initiatives

The Team at Office Solutions have shown a professional approach to the requirements of our company. We put our trust into them to deliver a service that was going to change the way OGR did business and we have not been disappointed in any way.
they lived up to all of our expectation.
Thank you all.

Ian Cantley - MD

Have had my office computer updated with a new HP computer supplied though Stuart Godden and installed by OSIT . The process was great from ordering to delivery on site - All my files/data were transferred on to the new system by another" Stuart ".
Follow up service was very good - a couple of minor glitches were fixed remotely by Stuart . Would definitely use OSIT in the future.

Bryan Lillis Company Director
BVL Educational Consulting

The team at Office Solutions has been fantastic. Helping changinng some complicated routing and VPN tunnells to various office locations. They also assisted us with a succesfull Zscaler implementation. Charlie and Tristan has been instumental in getting these projects completed !
A big thanks you to OSIT

Stefan Rheeder
Syrah Resources

Thank you Stuart! Having my new upgrade has made my work load much simpler and time saving for me!

Mustang Fitout Pty Ltd

If you are looking for fantastic service and a team that thinks outside of the box you will find it at Office Solutions IT. They are our go to people for anything IT related and never disappoint. We highly recommend them.

Maks Luburic
LUMA Printing

Excellent service from a forward thinking and innovative team of IT professionals. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an efficient, reliable and friendly IT support solution.

Richard Cooke
Spinifex Productivity Engineering

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